When we think of gold, let’s be honest we don’t think of this having anything to do with our Christian lifestyle. And I was just like you at one time but every single word in the Bible is in there for a reason this is why we are to study and to show ourselves approved. To know the relationship of gold and how it relates to our character is to first know what gold is. To know that gold is a precious metal of bright yellow color and that it is the most flexible of all metals. Next, we must understand that with the exception of it being overlaid in other metals such as bronze or silver this metal alone is one of the heaviest metals on its own. This metal must be drawn out and it is extended by constant beating as with a hammer to be shaped. Another reason that makes this metal so precious and costly is the fact of it being very dense in substance it is not affected by natural or artificial air qualities that will cause it injuries. This is why we find its purpose to be used so significant in the form of money and property. 

Much like most of my readers, we had been sold a bill of goods that simply was not true when it came to our salvation. We may have been told that once we come to JESUS that our life would be a bed of roses or that we would never have anything that will concern us again. Hogwash! The life of Christianity is a most beautiful life but it does not tell any of us that trials will not continue to come our way. We live on planet earth, this place is filled with trials. Do we go through them alone, heavens no, not as we once did? JESUS is right there with us going through those trials alongside us causing us to realize it’s not as bad as it seems and the more we mature in HIM and trust HIS Word the more peace we have within.

Remember when we were growing up during those pre-teens-teen years? Those were the most difficult times as young people because we were stuck in the middle of being a kid and an adult. There was a tug of war going on the kid wanted to remain and the adult wanted in and to have its way. It was called the rebellious years and we got on our parents/guardians last nerve and for most of us, we felt so misunderstood. It’s something like that in our spiritual growth when we are being hammered out as gold and drawn out of the darkness ever towards the light day by day. None of us go gleefully all the time some days we go kicking and screaming. Oh, by the way, it’s called growing pains.

Then we come to see just how GOD comes through for us because HE loves us and we belong to HIM. Our faith becomes more authentic and solid. The more we trust our FATHER at HIS Word through CHRIST JESUS the more heat we are going to feel. That heat will come in the form of trials and those trials may make us think that GOD has left us but that is stinking thinking and we are forgetting what GOD told us. “I will never leave [forsake] you and I will never forsake [abandon, depart, desert, fail, reject, renounce, withdraw] you”.  I wrote those synonyms because someone needs to get this, I’m trying my best to get someone to see this clearly.

image (1)Look at this example, there are some things that require little heat and there are some much. We are children of the living GOD and as we continue to mature in HIM and trust in HIS Word patiently waiting for HIM on the shelf. See yourself in a brick-oven with the fire turned up high but not as high as it could possibly go. Now you may think that you can’t possibly take no more and that you are too weak to endure the pressure that the heat of your trial is taking you through. But GOD may say [this is not scripture, this is only an example] “This is MY child, I made him/her, I know what he/she is made of and what he/she can endure. Turn up the heat, turn up the fire”! Now, why do we think GOD would allow us to go through trials and feel the pressure as we do? It’s so that we can find our praise of HIM, to honor HIM, to glorify HIM in knowing CHRIST JESUS through it all. Didn’t JESUS suffer through trials and pressure?

Our faith must be tested from time to time because if it were not we would become too comfortable. We must trust GOD in every area of our life the good, bad and ugly. People are always saying that they want more or just want patience well to get this we must operate in faith. In this microwave generation when everyone expects drive-thru miracles, waiting just is not an option. The LORD GOD is not Burger King where we can have it our way we will have it HIS way so HE will give us the perfect way in which to have it.

We are forged just as gold.

1 Peter 1:7, Jms. 1:3


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