When you asked to pray

As Christians we are often asked to pray for someone, a ministry, a country, a nation, etc. Let’s be honest, unless most of us pray right then on the spot most times than not it’s not getting done. How many times has someone asked for prayer and it been forgotten? How many ask; do you believe in answered prayer or have you prayed about this?

Prayer a form of communication with GOD is essential on so many levels. Yet most of us take this task very lightly. I confess; I’m guilty as well. When people ask me to pray for them, there are some essentials I need to know before I carry the request to my DADDY.

[1] Is it legal? Meaning should it be in your possession, is this something that GOD has no problem seeing you with? Mat 16:19

[2] Are you asking for help with a pure heart in a manner in which this prayer will help you and those connected with you? Hebrews 10:22

[3]Will the prayer request be that of agreement? Mat 18:19

I don’t know how many times people have asked me to pray for them, and, I will ask them what is it that you need me to agree with you on? More times than not the request is “Just pray for me”. Well, I could do that but what would I speak to my DADDY about regarding such a general prayer? Prayers like that I would rather just KISS and say something like this. Protect brother so & so or sister so & so, keep him/her in good health, and be done with it.

For those who will take the time to share what it is that is being believed for than we can agree as touching and watch how GOD will move on that persons behalf.

So my dear friends just take a moment to ask yourself; are you really praying for all who ask of you and are you complying with what the requester is really after?

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