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When we hear the word fellowship we often times relate it to something religious when in fact it has nothing to do with religion at all. Fellowship began in the Garden of Eden between Adam and Eve they were one another’s companion. Fellowship is all about the companionship of people it can be associated with mutual groups or societies of various classes and degrees which are equal and friendly terms. We are acquainted with the term “Bird of a feather flock together”. Well, when we fellowship we are entering an agreement to associate ourselves with a minimum of one person to a maximum of an innumerable amount of people that we like and or love. Then there is the professional fellowship when we partner in the company of our colleges to establish a greater need that we may have. In both cases of fellowship, we are to stretch and grow from one another not tear each other down. The fellowship is for the betterment it is to bring about strength.

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No man or woman is an island unto themselves and unless you have been gifted by GOD to be alone we have a need to be with other people. The FATHER knew this and said that “It’s not good that man is alone”. Now the FATHER could have just created another man or made a man from Adam’s rib but no HE presented a woman to Adam. This provided the fellowship needed and they were to make other humans to fill the earth and those humans required the company of other humans. We need each other. However, we are to be wise about how we fellowship with one another. I’m a watcher and listener of people I’ve been this way all my life. I’m still learning and I see and hear how the saints of GOD legalize the Word of GOD. This is why there are so many miserable saints out here they don’t get the true freedom we have in CHRIST JESUS. One of the closest relatives I have refuse to fellowship with nonbelievers and rarely fellowship with believers. This person is not gifted to be alone but the person is. When we have the opportunity to be among people where we work, at our schools, in our neighborhoods, where we work out, the recreation centers or wherever we spend our time. We should be showing people the light which is within us. People will be drawn to the light and they will begin to ask why we are this way. This is the door of opportunity to share our faith with them. Nowhere in GOD’s Word does it say not to socialize with our neighbors or join groups or do activities or have fun because nonbelievers are in there. Now if we are invited and we will be and we have been to things that go against our godly conscience we are to gracefully decline. We don’t need to preach a sermon or convict them of their deeds. I’ve been told that my character has made some of the people that I’m around feel guilty and I have never said one single word in their ear or anywhere around them or to anyone about them. I simply love on them as I believe JESUS would love on them with the maturity that I now have in HIM. All I have is my personal integrity, courage to be bold for everything JESUS and my character which I hope all exemplify CHRIST.

Now, if and when anyone decides to join a group, society, to network with people and wed. We need to investigate and know for sure that they are blood washed, living for JESUS, attend church faithfully, have a prayer life, and read their Bible. Why are these requirements so very important? Because when we decide to enter into a life decision that affects our emotions, heart, mind, and wallet. JESUS and the Holy Ghost must be in charge and running this totally. Have you ever been in a room filled with darkness and someone strikes a match? What happens? The light and its rays break the darkness the darkness does not cover the light, the two are not in agreement. The larger the light the rays expand wider and the smaller the darkness. Freedom in grace and mercy cannot fellowship with legality. Either you follow and obey all six hundred and thirteen laws, regulations and ceremonies which are written out and given by Moses which if one is broken we are guilty of breaking each and every one of them or we live in the freedom of GOD’s grace and mercy given to us through JESUS. So relax, fellowship but discern and enjoy yourself.   

Ephesians 5:11, 2 Corinthians 6:14


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