Who heard of your faith?

Colossians 1 – [part 1]

Many people have heard of the religiosity of the church. Many people have heard what so and so have done in the church. But how many people have heard of our faith in CHRIST JESUS? Religiosity and tradition does not bring about love in the church. The works that another does will not bring about love in the church. Our faith is in the GOD of love; CHRIST JESUS within whom we have a relationship. Who provides us with a desire to do good works in HIS name will bring about the love that needs to be lavished on the body of CHRIST. The love that we have for CHRIST JESUS must overflow as well to those who are lost in sin. A true CHRISTian who is motivated in the love of CHRIST JESUS has hope that has been put up in heaven. We have heard this over and over in the Word of truth found in the gospel. The Word has come to each of us as well as in the world and it brings with it fresh, sweet, juicy fruit and we hear the truth and we know the truth because the grace of the LORD GOD is truth. It is important that our lives become a living testimony and declare HIS love in the Spirit. We are to be filled day by day with the knowledge of HIS will in all wisdom that belongs to the LORD GOD alone. Wisdom and knowledge are worlds apart; knowledge is gained by education and experience; that may come from anyone and everywhere. Wisdom; however, belongs to the LORD GOD and we must ask for wisdom daily. That we are able to gain spiritual understand in what we are getting from the Holy Spirit. Our walk must be worthy in the LORD; completely pleasing HIM instead of pleasing others. We must be fruitful in every good work; increasing in the knowledge of our LORD GOD. We are strengthened with all might according to HIS glorious power; all patience and longsuffering with joy. None of us have completely arrived to perfection and if we stay away from the Word of the LORD GOD long enough we will begin to notice that our flesh will begin to rise and take over. It is the Word of truth that we must stay immersed in so that we may keep the action of sin at bay in our lives. We are to thank our loving FATHER who saw fit to count us qualified to partake in the inheritance in the light. http://amfbministry@about.me

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