The administration of the sacrament of baptism or christening. Baptism is the total emersion which symbolizes the death, burial, and resurrection of CHRIST JESUS. When christening it is simply sprinkling water into the face and providing a name to the child publicly.

We first learn about baptism from John the Baptist who is the cousin of JESUS. He baptized many into the changing of their ways and thoughts, this is what repentance truly is. But he also made those who were being baptized aware that HIS cousin JESUS is the only One who can baptize people with HIS Holy Spirit which comes with fire; this is the far better baptism because it’s the true baptism. CHRIST JESUS is the One who owns all authority in heaven and earth. So, if we are true disciples of CHRIST JESUS we can go out and make more disciples who will follow and live for HIM. And if there be any body of water nearby or we can take the person or people to a body of water and baptize them as CHRIST JESUS has instructed disciples to do in the name of the FATHER, of the SON and of the Holy Spirit. We are to continue to share the information that we have on how to observe all things that CHRIST JESUS has commanded us as well as encourage one another that CHRIST JESUS is always with us, this seems to be overlooked among the disciples of today. The LORD JESUS has and will wash away our filth, HE will purge us from the blood of sin and give us a blood transfusion of HIS righteousness, we’ve already been judged by the Spirit of Judgment having all sin burned out of us.

John the Baptist taught about the baptism of repentance which is to change how we think and how we act. That was how in the Old Testament people would show that they were believers, they were not saved but they had the faith of Abraham, Isaac, and Moses. So, those who died before the death, burial, and resurrection of JESUS they joined Abraham and all the many believers in the bosom of Abraham where they were kept safe from torment until CHRIST JESUS came and set the captives free. Today, that empty gulf remains there as a witness of what was once. The New Testament only came into being after the death of JESUS and it is through HIS death that people are saved in HIM. John the Baptist baptized with water, but CHRIST JESUS baptizes with HIS Holy Spirit. So, whoever believes in CHRIST JESUS within the heart before being baptized is already saved but anyone who is baptized without believing in CHRIST JESUS within the heart is still condemned.

The promise that the FATHER made, and that CHRIST JESUS told to HIS disciples is that HIS disciples will be baptized with the Holy Spirit it was true and evident then and it is true and evident now. One example of the Holy Spirit residing with us is that we will possess divided tongues which will rest in us. Not rest as we may think of rest, but divided tongues provide us the ability to speak with the rest of our cause on the truth of scripture as only the Holy Spirit can.  It is a great thing when we actively and willingly turn towards GOD and daily change the way we act and think. Just as it is a great thing that believers in CHRIST JESUS are baptized in water and better to be baptized in the Holy Ghost. We must realize that just as salvation is given to us freely as a gift so is receiving the Holy Spirit given to us freely as a gift. The Holy Spirit is who provides us with the power to accomplish in boldness all things that we can do in CHRIST JESUS. Outward baptism for the believer is the outward showing that we are baptized in CHRIST JESUS, in HIS death, and in HIS resurrection. Remember, I explained that baptism is a total emersion in a body of water not a sprinkling in the face.

It does not matter what our nationality is, what color our skin is, it does not matter if we are male or female and because unfortunately slavery still exists it will not matter if you are a slave or free if we believe in CHRIST JESUS then we will want to also receive HIS Holy Spirit and be baptized in CHRIST JESUS this will cause us to drink freely from the Holy Spirit.

All of us who have been and will be baptized into CHRIST JESUS will also be completely dressed in HIM as well.

This is a good example I often like to use when speaking about the Holy Ghost. Think of insurance for our automobile and or home. Do we benefit from full coverage with our car or do we benefit from just having liability or collision insurance? Do we benefit with what we perceive is necessary when we purchase home insurance or do we benefit from having the type of insurance by knowing the value of every possession within our home as well as the correct coverage that will protect the lives within the home and  from what may cause the destruction within or of the home? The Holy Ghost is our full life insurance. He is not our term (renting) insurance. Without being baptized in the Holy Ghost we will not speak, think, and live in the victorious power which is offered to us. There are many beloved children of the Living GOD who possess fire insurance, meaning they are saved from the pit of hell. But why not have, the total package, why not speak the truth in confidence, why not pray as only the Holy Spirit can pray, why not live our lives as the overcomer that we are instead of continuing to be beaten up by the devil and his minions?

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