Matthew 4:23 Easy Bible

JESUS caused sick people to become well again from all their different pains and illnesses.

  • JESUS caused
  • sick people
  • to become
  • well again
  • from All
  • different pains and illnesses

Matt. 4:23 International Children’s Bible [ICB]

JESUS healed all the people’s diseases and sicknesses.

  • JESUS Healed
  • All the people’s
  • dis-Ease

Matt. 4:23 CHRISTian Standard Bible [CSB]

JESUS healing every disease and sickness among the people.

  • JESUS Healing
  • every dis-Ease
  • among people

Matt. 4:23 Amplified Bible [AMP]

JESUS healing every disease, weakness, and infirmity among the people.

  • JESUS Healing
  • every dis-Ease
  • every Weakness
  • every infirmity
  • among people

Matt. 4:23 Complete Jewish Bible [CJB]

JESUS is healing people from every kind of disease and sickness.

  • JESUS Healing
  • people from
  • every kind of dis-Ease and sickness

Matt. 4:23 Jubilee Bible [JUB]

JESUS healing every sickness and every bodily weakness among the people.

  • JESUS Healing every sickness
  • Healing every bodily weakness
  • among people

Matt. 4:23 Modern English Version [MEV]

JESUS healing all kinds of sickness and all sorts of diseases among the people.

  • JESUS Healing
  • All kinds of sickness
  • All sorts of dis-Ease
  • among people

You may be wondering why I have written the same scripture over so many times. Well, it is because I wanted to share with you a few different Biblical translations that used words that I thought hit home. Notice how I broke each scripture out with bullet points. That is to magnify what needs to be seen. Below, I am sharing with you three definitions of pain that I am almost certain that at least one of you will be able to relate with. Also, I am hoping that after you have read each scripture and the bullet points along with the three definitions of pain you will join me in a challenge.

Pain –

  1. An un.Easy sensation in the body of any degree from slight un.Ease.ness to extreme di. Stress to torture that proceeds from pressure, tension, spasm, separation of parts due to violence, and any de.Rangement of functions. [the points are there to magnify pain]
  2. Ease.ness of the mind, dis.Quiet.ed.ness, anxiety, solicitude for the future, grief, and sorrow.
  3. Penalty, punishment, suffering, and evil inflicted.

To make un.easy; to dis.quiet; to di.stress; to torment, and to afflict.

If anything that I have shared with you is relatable you may want to join with me in the challenge of being healed as the scripture has informed us above.

Today the pain STOPS!


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