All of us have experienced admiration, amazement, and surprise in our life. Some of us have been confounded by fear because of what is unknown, and what we have negatively experienced, heard or seen. This blog is about all the witnesses who saw with their very own eyes how JESUS CHRIST looked after HE had been beaten, had HIS beard plucked out so I’m certain that HE had spaces because of the clumps of hair which had been pulled away from HIS precious face. They saw that HIS flesh was missing and hanging like ribbons. They saw that JESUS CHRIST was a total bloody mess.

JESUS CHRIST face was so badly marred that when HE passed by the crowd, HE was unrecognizable. I can relate to that being the survivor of domestic abuse. One time when I was hospitalized from fighting in my marriage my face was so disfigured with bruises and swelling that my visitors literally walked in the room and walked out because they did not recognize me, and I had to call out to them to return. The face and body of JESUS were marred more than any human had ever experienced before or after. HIS head streamed blood from the crown of thorns that was mashed onto HIS head. Those people were so astonished at what they beheld before them because they had never seen a human so disfigured because of torment received by the Roman soldiers. HIS disfigurement to this day has never been explained with justification much like when a woman tries to explain the pain, she endured at childbirth. We can recall that we experienced great pain, but we just can’t explain what we went through to bring our beloved child into the world as accurately as it happened. JESUS CHRIST was so disfigured that HE barely resembled a man at all. What an astonishment that must have been to see JESUS CHRIST no longer resembling what a human is in the flesh. We all have seen the pictures of the image of the model who was painted as our dear LORD and Savior and the artist just did not capture what JESUS looked like. I would prefer that if we are going to own a portrait of a model who is painted to be on the cross, the artist should paint the model totally naked, his face disfigured with bruises, swelling, cut up and clumps of hair missing from his beard. The crown of thorns must be dug into his head and his hair must be matted from all the blood. And because of all the wounds on and about his head and face, we should not want to look at him because it will cause us to become nauseated. His body should be missing flesh as well as having flesh hanging from his body. This is what JESUS CHRIST willingly went through for each and every one of us. JESUS CHRIST endured all of this and more just for you and just for me.

Isaiah 52:14


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