You can endure

Hebrews 12-part 1 of 2

When reading the very first scripture of this chapter has anyone ever thought or asked the question; “what is or better, who are a greater cloud of witness?” Well for that answer you will have to rely on the Holy Spirit to remind you or you will have to do some bible research. Most people skip over this important scripture that I will share with you. The cloud of witness is those who went to sleep believing and were in Abraham’s bosom. Adam and Eve; Moses; Joseph; Israel; King David; King Solomon; Noah; Abraham and so many, many others. I would be here typing a few pages of just the names known. The final answer to the cloud of witness is found in Matthew 27:52. Okay, now that I’ve answered that question; let us understand that we the living now here on earth who belong to GOD The FATHER and JESUS; have a cheering section who are rooting for us. Sin today is far more out of control than it was for our well known bible buddies; but we must understand that when they lived sin was considered out of control for them also. I’m certain there were times when they put their heads in their hands and said “what is this world coming to?” When I hear folks say that; my reply is sobering to the hearer; I say “an end, the world is coming to an end. And it will get far worse before it will get any better.” And if asked why I would say such a thing; I will then know that this is the open door for me to witness about JESUS. We can endure because we belong to JESUS; we can put away those sins that don’t control us but are done just because. Those sins that are spirits; those are the ones JESUS deal with. For example; eating is not a sin; gluttony is. We are to eat to live not live to eat. Eat enough until you know that you are satisfied and even if there is food on your plate STOP eating. We can endure; we come from the very best; JESUS. JESUS is the originator of our faith it is hard wired into each and every human. Here’s an example; a chair was made to sit on and we think nothing of it; we just take our bodies and sit. We have faith that the chair will do what it was designed to do without fail and we don’t even give it a thought. Why can’t we have that type of faith when it comes to JESUS and all that HE has provided for us? Is it because we don’t see JESUS with our natural eyes; is it because we don’t touch JESUS with our hands; is it because we can’t smell HIM; it can’t be because we don’t taste HIM; who goes around tasting people and it can’t be because we can’t hear HIM because HE does speak to us constantly. So what is it? You know we go through some trying times and I agree we must address some issues. However, what about those times when things just look totally negative towards us; what are we most likely to do then? We should go to a solemn place and remember that JESUS too went through a severely tough time just for you. Because JESUS endured the cross, the shame and the hostility for you and I. We can endure also; what we were stressing about becomes a little thing when we think of what JESUS went through for us. Now look at JESUS; HE’s seated beside HIS DADDY on a throne and has been crowned with full never ending glory. Yes, I know we are at times gonna become weary and discouraged by life’s circumstances but those things are temporary. Don’t allow that temporary stuff to knock you out; yes, we will get hit and knocked down; we all do. But get up; we can endure whatever this world throws at us! Then there are times when the world has not thrown anything our way and things seem to be going wrong and GOD may seem to be distant (HE’s not). Know that this maybe a time when HE has to deal with some issues in our life that HE no longer want us to have so that HE can replace it with apart of HIMself. When we are in that place; where we don’t know what is going on. It maybe; that we are being disciplined by our DADDY. Look at this scripture verse 5-6 “MY son, do not despise the chastening / disciplining of the LORD. Don’t be discouraged when you are rebuked / disapproval / reprimand, by HIM; the LORD loves those HE chastens / disciplines. And scourges / punishes / whips, every son HE receives.” We can endure this too and when we endure the disciplining of the FATHER; we come out of it knowing that we are loved even the more and we feel closer to HIM. Our DADDY deals with us directly; I like that. I can remember some times when my great-grand mother would say “I’m going to tell you father.” And whatever was being done that had gotten on her last nerve was immediately stopped. All because she said; she was telling daddy; it’s just something about daddy. Daddies are respected by their children when they discipline their kids so why not expect our heavenly DADDY to do the same. My DADDY doesn’t have illegitimate children; HE doesn’t just have kids and forget all about their cares, needs and wants. My DADDY has an innumerable amount of children who HE cares for individually, which provides for their needs and takes care of their wants. There is no age limit to be cut off from being our DADDY; our earthly father may cut their kids off at a certain age that is if they were ever daddy to their kids. Our DADDY will discipline us according to what seems best to obtain what HE has to give to us that will profit us. We become a bit more aware of HIS holiness and partakers of that. We don’t like being disciplined by earthly standards and we don’t like being disciplined by heavens standards; discipline and pain must be buddies. However, after it’s all said and done we obtain a peaceable fruit of righteousness; we are trained by it and we are healed by it. Now, my wonderful family in CHRIST JESUS; will you endure?


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