Allegiance And Loyalty Toward JESUS

Psalm 2:12

When we kiss JESUS because of our love for HIM and our allegiance it is done because we have made the choice to bind, obligate, and tie ourselves to all that HE is. Just as citizens of a country owe their allegiance to their native homeland, CHRISTians know that they are citizens of heaven first then earth. Though we reside here on earth we receive our advice and orders from heaven. Our allegiance is natural because our allegiance to our country arises from being born there as well as our being faithful to our country. It is the same with our heavenly country which is our true home. As Born-Again CHRISTians we are spiritually born in heaven because of CHRIST JESUS. We owe our allegiance to HIM, being faithful in subjection to HIS Law that HE has given to us to obey. A true CHRISTian does not have temporary allegiance we are not looking to defect.

When we kiss JESUS because of our love for HIM and our fidelity, loyalty, trust in HIM. JESUS is continually faithful, but we must grow ever more in our faithfulness in HIM. JESUS loyalty towards us is assured [Rom. 8:38 ERV] and because of this we must live our lives in this assurance and be loyal to JESUS as well.

Be observant and bind yourself to the Covenant JESUS has made with us all. Adhere and obligate to the Truth which is HIMself and all that HE has instructed and spoken to us. Just as sin is natural to the carnality of the heart and flesh. Put on veracity, take hold and tie yourself to the truth, and form new habits by taking off the action of sins. We no longer have to follow the orders of death and we should desire to follow the orders of life.

Our kiss to JESUS should be like that kiss that the Prophet Samuel gave to the newly anointed King Saul [1 Sam. 10:1] not like Judas Iscariot, the hypocrite and traitor [Matt. 26:48 ERV].

  • JESUS has shown to us HIS fidelity for us. HE is a True and Faithful LORD. JESUS is our Defender against every enemy. JESUS has written HIS oath towards us in HIS precious blood. How are we to show our fidelity towards JESUS?
  • We are to be loyal and submissive servants to CHRIST JESUS our LORD. We have been given admittance into heaven, not by anything that we can ever do or say because our price paid is not justifiable, not perfect for GOD to want. However, the price paid by JESUS was justifiable and perfect, the price was accepted by GOD, and that price paid in full our redemption from sins. We are HIS investments because HE gave us a gift that cost HIM everything. JESUS is our perfect Passover. We are uncovered before JESUS. We come to him either kneeling or prostrate with uplifted hands before our LORD who sits on HIS throne confessing and professing who JESUS is and what JESUS did. We begin our lives in loyalty to HIM who is deserving of our loyalty. We have been kissed by JESUS, now kiss HIM back as often as you think of HIM. Give JESUS respect through our actions. Show reverential worship of HIM in devoted affection.
  • Submit to the government of JESUS [Is. 9:6-7 NKJV]
  • Put on the yoke of JESUS [Matt. 11:30 NKJV, ERV]
  • Give up yourselves and be governed by JESUS law
  • Be disposed of by JESUS. Be adjusted, arranged regulated, and set in place in JESUS and HIS Word as well as applying HIS Word to our daily lifestyle. Adapt to HIS will for our life.
  • Be entirely devoted to JESUS and what interest HIM. [Deut. 6:5, Matt. 22:37, Mrk. 12:30, Lk. 10:27 ERV]

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