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We are the sons of the Most High GOD and because we are HIS sons and daughters through CHRIST JESUS we are not prejudiced, and it is not difficult to love everyone. We do not have to like the things they say, nor do we have to like the things they do. Love the people hate the sin. We have to understand that GOD did not demonstrate or say that HE only loves those that believe in HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS. GOD demonstrated and said that HE loves the world. Humans are HIS greatest creation because humans are made in the likeness of GOD. What that means is that we are like HIM and that is tri-part (three-part) people. GOD is the FATHER (SPIRIT), SON (JESUS human), and Holy Ghost (the Spirit of GOD JESUS). And we are flesh (human), soul (emotion-self-will), and spirit (the image of GOD resurrected within once we believe in HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS).

In the law of Moses, we have read or memorized incorrectly the law that the Israelites were to obey. We memorized that law incorrectly because we did not know the depth of its meaning. So, JESUS while HE walked the earth in HIS human form expounded on that law so that we had a much clearer understanding and could obey that law correctly through grace. Let us take a look at the scripture that I will be writing about as we dissect the verse.

Leviticus 19:18 You shall not take vengeance, nor bear any grudge against the children of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself: I AM the LORD.

  • We will not take vengeance: we are not to inflict pain on other people for any reason. We are not to speak evil towards other people.
  • We will not bear any grudge: we are not to suffer the pain which has been inflicted upon us; those things that we disagree with or find distressing from others. Grudges are emotional discontentment; in other words, it is actual envy against another. We are not to be reluctant or unwilling to be a help to those that have caused us any discomfort nor are we to wish in secret or to others our disappointment or anger towards others.
  • Love your neighbor: do you know who your neighbor is? Our neighbor is not just those who live next to our apartment, house, or tent. Our neighbor is every boy, girl, man, and woman all over this big world.

Hate, which also is envy should never be a part of our character or integrity. It is truly impossible to hate people who are unlovable, those that we do not understand by how they look or live, or unknown to us. We possess the Spirit of the Living GOD within our hearts and because we understand that we are loved by and in HIM our love pours out among all people. However, this is completely true, how we love, dislike, or hate ourselves is how we are towards others. It is impossible to love others when we do not love ourselves. When we continue to curse ourselves by the words of our testimony and our actions, we will curse others. When we do not understand how to speak and treat ourselves well, we will not speak and treat others well either. We must speak and treat ourselves well by showing and speaking love to ourselves so that we can show and speak love to others. Grow in love with yourself, look in the mirror and speak to your reflection saying, “I love you”, make that a habit to the point that you will automatically say that to yourselves without the use of a mirror. Once we make this a habit, we will begin to say to ourselves “I love me, or I love me some me”. The only love we must grow in the knowledge of is the fact that the FATHER, the SON, and the Holy Spirit loves us. Understanding that fact causes us to outpour love towards others, love is infectious just as hate is. We are to pray (speak that which we desire for others) in love for those that do not like us or themselves and know that the moment that we speak to GOD we have the desire of our heart immediately but that does not mean that we will see that which we prayed to GOD about immediately. We must look and speak to the person that we desire GOD to work out our negative situation about, call that which we do not see as yet as the fruit of what we are believing GOD for in the present. This is the character and integrity that will demonstrate to others that we are no longer captives, inmates, or prisoners of the world of darkness held by satan any longer. Our character and integrity will reveal to others that we have been set free into GOD’s marvelous light and that we are free because we are the sons of the Awesome GOD through CHRIST JESUS. GOD does not bless only HIS children HE also blesses those who do not credit HIM for the wonderful things HE does for them.

The very first person we grow to love is our mother, for nine special months we have heard her voice, she has fed us, and she has released the waste that we had to expel through the use of her body. Our mother is our first nurturer while we are residing within her precious body and when she has expelled us through birth. Our father is the male that fertilized our mother’s egg, our daddy is the man that protects and provides for us as his daughter or son. There will come a time when our father, daddy or both will be instrumental in our upbringing that his presence and teaching are most required. The reason that I chose to place these titles in categories is that there is a lack of understanding for them. Any male can be a father if his sperm fertilizes an egg. But only a man will be a daddy. A father and daddy will protect, provide, and teach, his child or children. A daddy will teach his son to be a gentleman and a man of honor and valor. A daddy will teach his son how to speak and act regarding respect towards females. A daddy will teach his son to open or hold the door open for  females, to tote her shopping bags, to compliment her, to make it known just how incredible she is, to walk on the side where automotive traffic or danger is and to hold her hand when crossing streets, a daddy will teach that chivalry is not a thing of the past. A daddy will teach his daughter the art of keeping from males who have nothing going on with themselves, such as not having a dream, goal, and vision that he is working towards, not being legally employed, does not respect himself or others, does not respect his mother or females in general and does not wear his clothes as they were intended to be worn. A daddy will teach his daughter to listen to the words that males speak because he reveals to her who he is through his words. A daddy will teach his daughter to look at males who reminds her of how her father’s respects towards her mother is. A daddy will teach his daughter that when she invites or when her male friend comes to the house that he will be presentable and respectful towards her parents because the daddy will most definitely put pressure on the guy investigating who this guy is and is he worthy of dating or being an associate of his daughter.  Fathers, on the other hand, may demonstrate that they are simply sperm donors when they impregnate a female and leave all the responsibility with her. But a father who operates in his role of being a daddy is tremendous. So, when we love our mother, father or daddy who has taught us to love ourselves through their acts of love towards us we will be more apt to love our neighbors. However, we will never be able to truly love our neighbors if CHRIST JESUS does not reign in our heart and life because HE alone is the epitome of what love is.

JESUS taught that we have only two commandments in HIM, the first is greater than the second. That we are to obey and that is to first love the LORD GOD with our entire heart; with our soul which is our emotions, mind and free will, and the mind is our intellect and strength. And the second one is to love our neighbors/others just as much as we love ourselves.

We as born-again CHRISTians possess the Spirit of the Living GOD within our heart we are not like those who profess GOD, but do not live for HIM through actions and speaking. It is not enough to profess GOD/JESUS and not help those who are in true need. We are not to be like the priest/Levite and cross the street or ignore anyone who truly is in need of help. We are to be like the Samaritan who actually helped the person he did not know because he understood that knowing him was not the requirement. The Samaritan understood that the person he helped was his neighbor. Was the Samaritan a believer, that we do not know but I have observed throughout my years of living in CHRIST JESUS that those who are lost in the dark are more apt to be of help rather than those who are free in the light of GOD. JESUS in HIS human form helped HE did not ignore the problems of the people. We are to be a reflection of our Savior, not a repellent.

Here are some great duties in relationship with others that we are to discipline ourselves from doing against our neighbors.

  • Adultery-apostasy (the abandonment of what was once professed, especially GOD,) idolatry, lewdness, (the indulgence of lust [evil desire to have that which pleases the flesh] fornication), unchastity, (the indulgence of our sexual appetite with anyone other than our spouse) and violation of the marriage bed (sexual intercourse or acts with people who we are not married to).
  • Murder-the killing of humans through premeditation, the destruction of people, putting an end to people.
  • Steal
  • Lie
  • Covet-the desire to have which is owned/possessed by another.

Allow the teachings of CHRIST JESUS to discipline our lives in these primary actions building up our character and integrity which will cause us to do the opposite of what the world does towards our neighbor.

For those who are in love with the law of Moses, yet cannot obey all six hundred and thirteen of them, rest in obeying to love our neighbors as we do ourselves and we will have fulfilled the entire law of Moses for his entire law is really about the love relationships between GOD and us, us and GOD and us with others.

The royal law comes from the Kingdom of GOD, obey the action of loving our neighbors as we do ourselves. And know that it is impossible to love when we do not possess the epitome of love and that is CHRIST JESUS within us. Love as HE loves. Do as HE did.

Leviticus 19:18; Mt. 5:43-45, 19:19, 22:37-39; Mk. 12:30-31; Lk. 10:27; Ro. 13:9; Ga. 5:14; Jms. 2:8


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