JESUS CHRIST was struck many times with repeated blows not only to HIS body but to HIS face and character as well. The Roman soldier beat JESUS CHRIST with a cat of nine tails, in history it is known that the Romans used teeth, iron balls, hooks and the like which were attached to the leather straps to inflict wounds on the one being punished with scourging. But the people who were growling for JESUS CHRIST to be crucified hit HIM with their open hands, fists, reeds, or with whatever instrument that would inflict pain. Many of us have read in the scripture from Job that he said people gaped at him and may have either not known what that meant or did not know the complete definition to the word gape. What was meant not only for Job but for JESUS as well is that the people sneered at them, mouths were opened and used with the desire to injure and devour the person’s character. You understand because we are all guilty of gapping at people. This is a no-no.  I’m not going to cover all the torture that JESUS CHRIST endured for us all but I will only cover HIS being beat.

Unlike JESUS, we are ready to inflict serious harm on anyone who dares to spit in our face because we understand that this is an act of hatred. JESUS CHRIST endured having HIS precious face spat upon, beat and slapped repeatedly. Unlike JESUS, we are ready to fight anyone who will strike us. JESUS CHRIST endured being spat on and hit over the head with sticks. Some of us can barely take it when others have something negative to say about us. From being a small child I can recall that if anyone dared spoke negatively about my mother or father I was ready to fight. When I was a kid this is what turned the kindest kids who never want to fight into a raging bull. Gapping about the parents of a child was just a no-no. And as we grow up into adulthood; we are not going to allow anyone to speak negatively about us; some of us are ready to rumble just because someone told us that someone said something about us that was unkind. These are busybodies with nothing better to do than to antagonize another and witness them become upset to the point that they approach the one that set their mouth to gape on them. JESUS CHRIST had to deal with being sneered at; HE did nothing. We all believe or believed in the lie “stick and stones may break my bones but name calling can’t hurt me”. Well, this is an untruth, those of us who have survived physical abuse have healed outwardly, sure there may be some ugly scars but none the less they are no longer bleeding or infected. Inwardly, negative words destroy people; often those negative words remind us of how others see us as being. We believe those negative words and for some, the words have caused addiction, anger, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem; promiscuity and worst of all suicides. That’s because those negative words and continually bleeding and are infected. JESUS CHRIST gave willingly HIS back to being beaten and bruised to the point HE barely had a back any longer. HIS back though beaten with forty stripes became one large stripe; an open hole where HIS back was. The beard of JESUS was plucked out in clumps by the hands of others. JESUS withstood the many none ending insults to HIS character. And the spitting in HIS face. This is our example setter that when people speak insults about us and they will cause emotional pain; when people hit us and we will want to strike back; we are falsely accused and we will want to defend ourselves. Do what JESUS did; accept it. Should, the time come when in the proper place to be justified speak your peace without animosity. Believe me when we allow the Holy Spirit to speak on our behalf JESUS will set the stage for our justification before our enemies. Here is an example of what happened to me many, many years ago when I was still employed in corporate America. There was an employee that had a propensity for rubbing people the wrong way, no matter what I did to try to bring down that wall of treachery within her, nothing worked. Instead of me being the one to infect her with kindness she infected me with irritation. One day she was sitting at her desk and I had, had enough of her mouth and actions toward me and took matters in my own hands. I kicked her chair and she fell out of it. When she reported the incident to our manager we had to go before a review board which was a mediator, the manager and ourselves. When I was asked had I done the thing that I was being accused of I simply told the truth; yes, I did it. When asked why I did it; I calmly explained what had happened. When I returned back to my office those that had heard or witnessed what had happened was glad that someone finally gave her what for. But I had not done what I had done to receive recognition for exerting my anger towards an individual so I did not give into all the accolades given to me. What I had done was wrong as wrong as for how she treated people and I was suspended for a few days when I could have been sacked. The thing is that upon my return her attitude towards me had completely changed for the better and we got along great. What I did was exercised injustice but because I allowed the Holy Spirit to speak through me in our meeting JESUS gave me justice. So, if at all possible endure the beat down and know that CHRIST JESUS sees and understands all that we are going through because HE gave HIMself to be beaten for us.

Matthew 26:67, 27:30; job 16:10; Is. 50:6; Lam. 3:30


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