Exodus 18:20-21

           It’s not easy to learn how to become a person of integrity.

We all need someone who is a visible example to us who can instill those desirable qualities within us. We as people go through so much garbage in our lives that we may find it difficult to find a person whom we can become accountable to.

          Integrity is a value that should have been taught in our home as a young child. We learn more from watching what another person does than what a person say. However, when we have negative integrity and the time has come that we want to be better, we may need to become watchful for a person that could mentor us.

          When you are looking for a mentor it is important to find a person who is much more mature than you. You want someone whom you are attracted to, not romantically, that has values in his or her life that is lived in their day to day. You want an optimistic individual not a pessimist, a person of their word, a virtuous lady or a gentleman. Women you should have a virtuous woman not a man. Men you should have a gentleman not a woman. That person should be one who is willing to listen to you and direct you on a course in life that is upright. Your mentor should not be one who judges or over critics you. Yet when they witness you stray or when you go to your mentor for help. Your mentor must not be a wimp and call it as it’s seen.

          Your mentor must impart into your life core values that would cause others to recognize that you are not like most people. You are law abiding, teachable, helpful, kind, responsible, and truthful and so on. Mentors do not put on blinders or turn a deaf ear to their protégé.

          Ask yourself, what qualities you desire to have? Write down those qualities, this is your goal. It’s been said that to make something apart of your life. You must repeat your actions consecutively for approximately 14-21 days. I’ve never paid any attention to that, it could be true, I don’t know. What I do know is that you can become a man or woman of integrity by working off those attributes that are not attractive and begin to replace those unattractive with attributes that will produce a character that reflects that of JESUS.

 Don’t be fooled, it’s hard work because you are actually working against a foundation that has been there for many years. Just be patient, and never give up.

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