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Remember the game hide and seek, we hide from our family and friends in the hopes that we would not be found so that we could win the game. Unknowingly, we took those principles into our integrity we hide through deception our wickedness. We only allow those to know what we are up to that are in the same darkness and stink that we are in. We creep and sneak around lying to others and ourselves about what it is that we are involved in. Until it’s too late, we don’t see a way out. We are trapped, it’s no longer fun and glamorous as it once appeared to us. That’s the allure of some active sins it comes in levels. We all are born in sin, however, all of us will not do everything we are able to do.  This is why we should not judge another. And those of us who have been washed in the blood of JESUS must show mercy towards those who are lost because we know that this could have been us. Then again, this may have been us. Sin will convince us that we are hurting no one and or no one knows what we are thinking, seeing, saying or doing. All because we believe we are covering our tracks so very well. Well, I’ve got news for you. There is Someone that knows everything, we are actually completely naked before HIM.

Because GOD is Spirit we will never be able to escape HIS presence. We are not intelligent enough to come up with a secret place to hide from HIM because in every secret place there HE is. JESUS fills all of heaven and all of earth nothing is left void of HIS presence. So where can we go that HE is not there? So the next time you decide to have illicit sexual intercourse, take drugs, drink alcohol, steal, kill, murder, judge, disrespect the name of GOD, disrespect the name of JESUS, disrespect yourself, your parents or anything that will go against the teaching of CHRIST JESUS. Just remember that JESUS is looking at you and HE is right there with you.

Psalms 139:7, Jer. 23:24


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