A few golden nuggets

1 Timothy 5 –

This chapter is really dedicated to the proper care of true widows and is best left for bible study I believe. However, I did find a few golden nuggets that I believe everyone can glean from. Every person has a responsibility for something within their own home. Little children can be taught to keep their rooms clean by putting things away and return items back where they belong.  And as the children become older they will be able to handle more responsibilities. Adults are responsible for paying all required bills on time; utilities, mortgage or rent. Looking after the care and welfare of each person within the home, nutritious meals, clean clothes, and hygiene. If an adult brings in other responsibilities such as automobile, credit card charges and such these too must be paid on time without taking away from your number one responsibility and that is the family. Not taking care of this primary ministry is an act of denied faith if you are a believer in CHRIST JESUS and will be witnessed as being worse than an unbeliever. We expect unbelievers not to do the right thing; however, in CHRIST JESUS we are learning to do the right thing. Many people who have idle minds can think of nothing better to do than to gossip and be nosey. The unemployed; the unschooled; the loud person; the disrespectful person towards self and others are what are known as ghetto fabulous and it does not matter what color you are; black, brown, red, yellow and white all fit into this category. They begin their day sitting on the steps of their homes or hanging out on the street corners; they maybe hanging out at the nearby playground or parks. Doing absolutely nothing productive. Most idle females can be found going from house to house talking about this person and that person all the while when they see the people they have been dragging through the mud with gossip will tell them “I love you, you my girl and worse of all smiling in their face while they are stabbing the girl in the back.” Guys are known for dragging girls through the mud by talking about the conquest that was made by having sex with this girl and that; making babies and not taking care of them fully or partly. Selling drugs to make a fast buck; drinking and drugging themselves; wearing their pants down below their bums. Being ignorant to the fact that it means that they are advertising availability for sex with a guy or either they just don’t care or maybe it’s the latter; they don’t believe this is the intent of wearing the pants this way. Professionals gossip and are busybodies also; I remember growing up and my grandmother had a friend who would call her at a specific time each evening and I nick named her Rona Barrett; maybe some of you know of her. She’s is or was a professional entertainment gossip host. Much like your Entertainment Tonight; TMZ and other shows that talk about the lives of entertainers. The reason why these shows thrive so; is because so many people watch and believe or watch because it makes them believe they know the entertainer better. It’s all gossip and you are nosey. What if it were your life? Observe yourself, take care of your own short comings which is a 24/7 job. We don’t have time to deal with the short comings of others; we sin often or daily and we don’t need to because the Word of GOD informs us of this. So ask yourself what bad though have you had today? What type of motive am I operating with today? Is my attitude JESUS pleasing today? Am I walking in love today? Am I being patient today? Am I being kind today? Am I being longsuffering today? Am I being gentle today? Is my joy which has been given to me by the LORD GOD through CHRIST JESUS still full and is it remaining in me or is it like happiness; based on the situation? Am I at peace today? Is my goodness based on the Word of GOD or my own works? Am I faithful in the expectations of what the LORD GOD through CHRIST JESUS desires of me today? Am I being legalistic about what another says or does because I don’t like the way it’s said or done? What am I still in bondage to and am I inflicting others with my lace of freedom? Look at those questions; it’s a full time job; we don’t have time to gossip and be nosey about another person’s life. Well I hope you enjoyed today’s golden nugget. http://about.me/amfbministry


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