All flesh

thCA9XEVYTLuke 3:6

When John baptized in the river he made it very clear that all flesh will see the salvation of the LORD GOD. All means just that all; nothing lacking or missing; entirety; Is. 40:3-5. 

Do you know that when JESUS returns all flesh will witness this? Yes, those who are breathing breath on the earth when JESUS returns in every single country and nation of planet earth will see HIS return. However, what will be most fascinating; will be this. If anyone is artificially, medically or scientifically dead meaning they are a corps. They too will get to witness the return of JESUS. In the book of Revelation 1:17, it is clear that every eye even those who pierced HIM will see HIM. 

So you see Isaiah and John both have instructed us that regardless of what we chose to believe; we will see the salvation of the LORD GOD. Thing is; will the witness of HIS return be seen with saved eyes bound to go with JESUS or doomed eyes for hell and the lake of fire; to spend eternity with satan? 

You know; the choice is really all up to you. If I were you however; I would take a good look in the mirror and notice that humans are made from flesh not bricks and mortar; paper mache or from wood and plastics. Then I would consider JESUS.

  • How do I find out about HIM

The Bible; reading the New Testament. Suggested reading Luke and John.

  • What do I do next?

Accept, believe and trust in JESUS.

  • Ask the FATHER to baptize you in HIS Holy Spirit.
  • Read and study the books of Luke and John
  • Find a local church to attend where you will be taught the Word of the LORD GOD. 

Remember that the scriptures and life in JESUS are not difficult; we make it difficult with rules and regulations. Be free in JESUS; you will learn this as you read, apply the Word to your life; grow and trust in JESUS daily.

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