AMFBeM Fundraiser

Please help About My FATHER’s Business evangelistic Ministry [AMFBeM] and Elder Shawn raise money to feed the hungry.

As you know; during this time of year many will become charitable but then begin to forget that people will continue to go hungry when Thanksgiving and Christmas have long gone.

AMFBeM and Elder Shawn have a ministry that is right here in America to help the Americans not just during these charitable times but year round. However, it takes finances to get the work accomplished and we are asking you to help us with this task.

Many of you have read the heart of Elder Shawn through the blogs she write and her speaking engagements are not much different. She speaks with compassion and life experience; she has a desire to see first that every human of the planet come to the knowledge of CHRIST JESUS then secondly be set free to live the lives the LORD GOD intended all along.

Salvation is not meant to sit by and swing our feet on the curb and wait until we go to heaven; no, we can experience heaven here on earth also.

We invite you to click on this link .

We sincerely appreciate your support as you take a hold of Elder Shawn’s hand and become a very important part of this ministry.

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