Mentor aka Life Coach

Coach, Instructor, Life Coach, Mentor, or Teacher whichever title you have been equipped for are all one and the same, well at least will be in this blog. Except for the title teacher, the other titles are never found in the Bible yet, from Genesis to Revelation we can research many. Below, I will have provided just a few examples of who these great people were in Biblical times. However, we want to recognize what a true Biblical Coach looks like today as I use the Word of GOD as our measuring rod. Keep close attention because I may from time to time use various titles but the meaning will all be the same when it comes to being coached.

An instructor’s main goal is to life coach and demonstrate the Word of GOD and will do so through Godly principles and practices. A mentor will help us to discover a better way to sustain the will of CHRIST but will also help us to sustain our vision through JESUS CHRIST. Our teacher will help us to move forward in not only our private lives but our public ones as well. All while keeping true to the Heart of GOD. A coach’s purpose is to pull out of us all what is deep within our hearts as to what we dream of, envision ourselves being and having, setting goals, and moving forward with them.

Instructors provide effectiveness, empowerment, improvement, and transformation. A life coach wants to tap into our untapped potential. Our mentor is all about helping others as he/she draws out of us the person we are afraid of becoming, and unknowledgeable of how to get where we desire to go, through enlighting us to see our abilities that we were not aware that was there. GOD Is not a GOD who plays favoritisms through giving one special consideration and forgetting about the rest of us. All of HIS children are held in HIS eyes with high esteem.

JESUS Is the most prolific Mentor there is in the Bible. Through all of HIS demonstrating and teaching, HE also asked a thought-provoking question that causes a great pause for self-inspection. Before asking this question found in Mark 8:27, JESUS had already been the disciples’ leader for some time. So, this question was more of an oral exam/verbal test to find out if what we had seen and instructed took root. So, if any of us actually have a coach, he/she may ask many questions of us. Those questions are to help drive out that person who is afraid to challenge themselves because of all the negative press that we have been inflicted with. The base point of JESUS’ question was “Who do you say that I AM?” Mark8-28 or who do we say that JESUS Is? Or who am I?

Being an instructor includes exploring what issues exist for the person being life coached versus telling him/her what the issues are or suggesting solutions. Their questions address our agendas and how to go through what we perceive as problems so that we may resolve them.  The mentor causes us to self-actualize meaning that we must break free of our self-imposed imprisonment, and arise from all those surrounding ashes, beginning today as to how to commence into the action plan of what is within us and causing it to materialize.

JESUS is who every teacher must study in how they are to lay a foundation on which we are to build. A coach will help us transform and redirect our behavior as he/she supports our change. Every instructor will come to an agreement that a problem exists but none of them will see a problem that cannot be easily solved. Our life coach will redirect our perception of who we are and how to get those things that we desire done.  

Our mentor will also discuss with us how we may mutually alter the required solutions to those problems that we see. Notice that I wrote solutions, we should have at least three solutions so that if one does not work we try another.

Another thing that I will like to point out is that our teacher will continue along with us to peck with our behavior ever developing our character to not only influence ourselves first but others. Look at what one powerful question entailed from JESUS caused. A powerful question will have us look inward for the answer rather than looking for the answer to be given to us outwardly. Most of the questions that will be asked of us are basic but they are questions that will continuously develop our character.

The Bible commands us to do certain things: make disciples, encourage one another, listen to Holy Spirit, and listen to and follow JESUS. When we place our fragile selves in the hands of a coach we expect to learn what we are there for. So in other words we are being discipled. And with the knowledge that we obtain we are to encourage others to become who we have successfully become or to aim them in the direction of who they desire to become. We must have Holy Spirit living on the inside of us and train our spiritual ears to listen to His voice, Rom 9:1. All the while listening to and following JESUS, Matt 17:5.

Our instructor provides a safe environment in which we are actively encouraged. Life coaching should mirror that of JESUS, Mrk 1:35. Mentors should not box all of his/her students into one box trying to make us all carbons of one another. We are all unique individuals and because of this know that GOD has individual and personal plans for us all, Mrk 5:18-19. To be properly taught requires that we are being propelled into maturity as we go forward rather than sit on our hands becoming dependent on others, Col. 1:28. The Coach will hold us as individuals accountable to reaching what we have defined as success for ourselves, Prvbs 27:17.

Eventually, our instructor is no longer a part of our daily lives but never the less we find ourselves still connected to him/her because of all that has been deposited within us and how they caused us to uncover the real us and helped us to step into that, Jhn 15:1-4.

A few people we may want to look at when considering to be coached, instructed, life coached, mentored, and taught. They are Moses, Joshua, Debra, John, JESUS, Barnabas, and Paul, I encourage you to research others.


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