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August 20, 2020

Shepherd leading his goats and sheep at sunset time

The Holy Spirit makes Shepherds-Acts 20:28

Many people when they think of shepherds, think of men primarily or women with their shepherds hook leading their cattle of goats and sheep or any other type of cattle a shepherd may have. And, you will not be wrong in your thoughts. However, when we hear the word shepherd in the body of CHRIST we should take the knowledge that we have about an animal shepherd and notice how when the Holy Spirit sets apart those He has chosen to be a shepherd of people their characteristics.

Shepherd: feed, guard, and tend to the needs of sheep. A shepherd will tend the sheep by keeping a watch on them, be attentive, by accompanying them to protect them. To hold tenderly as one would a wee child. Also, a shepherd will steer sheep from the exemption from calamity, evil, misfortunes, and sickness. They are promotors of the blessings of life, enjoyment of great health, happiness, and prosperity. That is the characteristic of a shepherd of animals and these are the characteristics of shepherds of humans. It does not take a college degree to understand the role of a shepherd. Now, let us take a closer look at the shepherd of humans.

Shepherd of humans:

A shepherd takes heed not only of his/her family but their flock [extended family, congregation] as well. The shepherd is to teach and promote that in the body of CHRIST none of us should be burdened with the spirit of anxiety and fear. Why? Because it is the FATHER who gives us good pleasure which is the kingdom. 

The shepherd is to teach and demonstrate that we have a love for JESUS that is beyond the love we have for others, with total devotion and commitment in which the shepherd is to feed the lambs. And what is a lamb but a baby sheep? They are so cute and innocent looking while they are babies but babies grow up and lose that cuteness you once loved so much. Shepherds must love JESUS with deep and personal affection as we do a very close and intimate friend.  Shepherds must be aware of who in their congregation has just given their life over to JESUS and make sure that this lamb, this baby in CHRIST is properly taken care of with the feeding of GOD’s Word which is the message of CHRIST JESUS. A shepherd must properly shepherd the sheep that has been provided to him/her by the Holy Spirit even those that we think just wandered into the building of gathering for worship. Understand, that though we may think that a person including our once selves just happened to wander into a church, or we feel that we were forced and we attended a service through reluctance, we did not. We were lead there by the Holy Spirit and every single shepherd must take notice of this. Shepherds must feed the sheep the message of CHRIST JESUS to promote strength and health to every facet of our life.

With everything and everyone, there are pros and cons and though it can be work to seek out the motives of people we must rely totally on CHRIST JESUS who through HIS Holy Spirit will be more than happy to investigate the heart of others for us and will let us know if we are to stick with someone or run.

Obedient shepherds versus evil wicked shepherds:

There are good shepherds who will follow-through with what the Holy Spirit placed within them to shepherd and there are ferocious shepherds who were not chosen and set apart by the Holy Spirit. These shepherds will not feed the congregation be they lambs or sheep and their lives are a mess. Have you ever heard this saying “what comes from the head, gets on the feet?” What this means is that if the head of anyone is prospering than those around will prosper as well. But if the head of anyone is destitute than those around will be destitute as well. Like, will give life to like or like will give death to like. 

A good shepherd will concentrate on their personal development which is a daily initiative by persevering in the teachings of CHRIST JESUS with absurd faith. Being the type of shepherd that follows through in this will ensure the salvation of the congregation who are listening and watching for the application to their lives as well as to the application of their shepherds’ life. The Word of GOD must be applied to our lives to see the magnificence of all that HE has for us.

A shepherd that has been made by the Holy Spirit, will be compassionate in their responsibility of feeding, guiding, protecting, and overseeing his/her flock. This will be considered in their hearts to be a joyous pleasure to serve the people and not just some religious order of duty pretending to care for the people. A good shepherd will lead from a pure heart under GOD’s leadership and could care less about gaining financial wealth by stealing from the people through misappropriation of the funds gathered to keep the electricity on, the plumbing in working order, the air/heat operational, and other required bills that must be paid as we are to pay for our homes in like manner. Good shepherds serve the people cheerfully and eagerly not themselves.

GOD has appointed and placed in the church the following for HIS use to shepherd HIS church. Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors [overseers, shepherds], and Teachers.


GOD purchased HIS church with the precious blood of JESUS so that through HIS SON we will take hold of our redemption which has in that our deliverance and salvation. The payment that GOD made with the blood of HIS SON, JESUS paid for our sin in full which resulted in the complete acquittal and pardon for our sin with the riches of HIS grace. 

The Holy Spirit is our foretaste, the down payment, the first installment, and the guarantee of our inheritance. JESUS willingly gave HIMself to be crucified on our behalf by purchasing and redeeming our freedom FROM every evil wickedness, to purify our hearts, to be chosen for HIMself, to be HIS special people, HIS possession who will be/are enthusiastic about doing well in HIM. The blood of JESUS obtained and secured our eternal redemption for all those who believe in JESUS as the Savior. We have been purchased by the precious blood of The LAMB. The blood of JESUS purchased mankind for GOD from every language, people, nation, and tribe. Notice that skin color, being male/female, financial wealth or lack thereof, or your particular religious denomination was not mentioned. Because they were all included.

Now, we know how a good shepherd is made through the Holy Spirit. Ask the FATHER in the name of JESUS if you are where you are supposed to be with that particular shepherd or should you be guided by the Holy Spirit to fellowship with a chosen shepherd that has been set apart and made by the Holy Spirit.


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