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August 18, 2020



Tongues + Prophecy = The Holy Spirit-Acts 19:6

Many religious people say that tongues are either not for today, not for the body of CHRIST, not required, or not for today’s CHRISTians. Thank YOU, FATHER, that I am not religious. Religion binds. Grace sets free.

I am going to leave this continuous argument with people who are religious and believe in what Mrk. 16:17; Acts 2:4; and 1 Cor. 14:2 teaches regarding speaking in tongues.

I have often made it very clear that every gift that the FATHER desires to give to me, I want it, and you should have them as well. I have been taught in GOD’s Word that one of the signs, which is evidence that the Holy Spirit lives within believers, is speaking in tongues. Being filled up in the Holy Spirit, we can talk in other tongues as the Holy Spirit gives us the utterance. When we begin to speak a particular language that we have never studied, and we witness to people in their native tongue, they just may start to magnify the LORD JESUS because we allowed the Holy Spirit to operate as He desired within us.

In the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit spoke through men and women who were set apart to be Prophets. Prophets of old most often encourage or gave warnings, what the prophets of old spoke had not been recorded, and they searched carefully and kept asking questions about the Grace that now is but had not yet come. Prophets of old never spoke to be glorified but instead spoke of the Glory of CHRIST JESUS who was to come and die for the world [every nation]. Today those who proclaim to be prophets will only speak that which has either been registered or confirm that which the Holy Spirit spoke to us in secret.

A question that was asked of JESUS, is this; “LORD did we not prophecy in YOUR name?” And HIS response is just super excellent; “I never knew you, depart from ME you workers of lawlessness” [disorder, chaos, and lies].

Please beware of false prophets, they are unloving and in their path is chaos and destruction being accompanied by their lies. This is why they are called prophet-liars, who are being used by satan. The mission is to tell you what you want to hear, and then when it does not manifest, those who have been victimized by not recognizing the truth from the false will be pushed away from JESUS rather than coming closer to JESUS. Also, if we do not love it is because the spirit of love does not reside within us, who is the Holy Spirit living inside of us. So, it does not matter how you can fool people; you are not fooling GOD.

It is impossible to be a prophet of today without being baptized in the Holy Spirit. The prophets of old were not baptized in the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit would come and rest on those who He used to prophesy and then leave.

Paul wrote that he wished that the entire body of CHRIST prophesied because prophecies are more excellent [more useful] than speaking in tongues. Paul also wrote that the body of CHRIST must pursue love and desire to have and utilize spiritual gifts. Especially the prophetic gift.

  • So, just what use is the prophetic gift today?
  • To speak edification [to build up; to instruct; to help improve the progression of the mind in faith, holiness, knowledge {Godly Wisdom}, and morality]
  • For exhortation [to advise, to cheer, to embolden {giving boldness and courage}, and to encourage].
  • And to bring about comfort [to cheer, to enliven {to give life, provide humor, make one cheerful, give hope}, to invigorate, and to strengthen]
  • Why are these gifts necessary in the body of CHRIST today?
  • Because they are signs, tongues are a sign for the unbeliever, and prophecy is a sign for the believer.

So, if you are filled in the Holy Spirit, and you desire to prophesy, then this is how the Holy Spirit will make use of you. But wanting to operate in the gift of prophecy does not mean that we should discount the gift of speaking in tongues, nor should anyone forbid the speaking of tongues.


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