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August 21, 2020

The Holy Spirit Speaks Right-Acts 28:25-26

In this conclusion of the book of Acts but not the conclusion of the Holy Spirit series. It is befitting to read how Paul nailed it when he spoke that which the Holy Spirit reminded him of that is recorded in the book of the Prophets. Those words were relevant then and they are relevant today. My dear siblings in CHRIST JESUS do not be deterred in giving your testimony of what JESUS has done for you, some will hear and listen and others will hear and mock but you continue to be strong in the LORD JESUS and the power of HIS strength. 

People will hear and hear but they will not understand because they are not listening. People will look and look, but they will not see to learn. Sinners are stubborn and are not able to understand what they hear and look at. They are foolish people without any sense at all, just because some having working eyes to look, do not mean that they can see and because some have working ears to hear, do not mean that they listen. Remember, we were once just as rebellious as those that we are trying to reach.

Within every nation of people are those whose heart is cold and hard, made of stone, the eyes of the people are spiritually blind and the ears of the people are spiritually deaf. If their ears and eyes were to truly open then understanding will begin to enter into their hearts and they would turn to JESUS so that HE will heal them spiritually just as HE has done for us. To have spiritual blindness removed so that the eyes will become open and open the deaf ears so that the ears will listen will cause the heart to understand and the people will turn from rejecting JESUS to receiving the truth. 

To the spiritually blind and deaf what we are saying is foolishness because without eyes to see and ears to listen they will remain in their sinful and rebellious state without the ability to understand what is being offered to them. Our enemy satan is the father of sin and rebellion and this is how he shows his devotion of hate to his children, he blinds them to the truth and he closes their ears to the truth, then he hardens the heart against the truth. The last thing that he wants is for people to truly see and to truly hear and for their hearts to be replaced from that heart of stone to a heart of flesh. 

My dear siblings in CHRIST continue to look and see the glory of our FATHER, the glory of CHRIST JESUS, and the glory of the Holy Spirit and never stop speaking about HIM. Now, this may seem a bit harsh to you but we are not to lean on our understanding but we are to lean on JESUS so that HE will direct us in every way. People who are just hell-bent because they refuse to listen to GOD will receive a dull mind so they will not understand, Is, 28:10. GOD will close their eyes and ears so they will not be able to look and listen, Deut. 29:4; it remains to this day. In the book of Romans, religious people like to hurl this scripture towards homosexuals but this is not just for them but for every single sinner on the earth, from nation to nation, Rom. 1:20-32.

Together, we have walked through the book of Acts learning more about the importance of the Holy Spirit. Next week we will continue our journey with the Holy Spirit in the final installment until I am released from this assignment.


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