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September 1, 2020

The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit-1 Corinthians 6:19

For the previous weeks, I have written about nothing more than the Holy Spirit and being baptized in Him. Now, we are going to get an understanding of what happens to our bodies once we have invited the Holy Spirit to live within us.

The second that the Holy Spirit moves within our heart and makes us His home we no longer have ownership of self. The title deed now belongs to the Holy Spirit. The bodies that we have has now become a temple which means that we have become erected to honor GOD. We are the church building for open worship to GOD. We are the place where GOD’s divine presence lives. This is what occurs when the Holy Spirit is within us, this is what is meant when the Holy Spirit is received by us from GOD, this is what is meant when the scripture informs us that we no longer are our own. When JESUS was speaking with the Jews, HE said to them that after HIS Temple was to be destroyed by means of the crucifixion that HE would raise the Temple back up which is meant HIS body. So, once we have believed in JESUS the CHRIST and received the gift of salvation we become the reflection of JESUS not in parts but totality. Nothing lacking, lost, or missing. 

And though JESUS is the total package fully GOD and fully man even HE received the Holy Spirit within HIMself. Three witnesses who testify in heaven: The FATHER, The WORD/JESUS; and The Holy Spirit {is the Truth, the One who testifies that this is true}. Three bear witness on earth: The Holy Spirit {is the Truth, the One who testifies that this is true}, the water, and the blood. These three are One and agree, 1 Jhn. 5:7-8. The earthly testimony of the Holy Spirit pertains to the birth of JESUS. When a baby is born out of the mother’s womb comes water and blood. So, in heaven, we have the clear testimony that JESUS is 100% GOD and on earth 100% Man, Jhn. 1:14.

I have found that when a person has a desire to make a point for our clear understanding, that arrow will be aimed and shot as many times as it takes until it hits the target/bullseye. Paul did this by asking repeatedly this question:

“Do you who are the true church understand that you are the temple of GOD, that the Spirit of the Living GOD permanently resides within you collectively and individually”?

Who else can do this but GOD?  Every time Paul asked this question which is in quotes he followed through with an important truth.

  1. Boasting about the supposed spirituality is not good and is viewed in this manner; a little leaven leavens the entire loaf, it is not good, it is inappropriate and vulgar.
  2. GOD’s people will one day judge the world because the world will be judged by us we should be competent to judge insignificant, petty, and trivial cases.
  3. GOD’s people will judge angels, so then we should be able to judge the matters of this life.
  4. Know this fact, the unrighteous will not inherit in the Kingdom of GOD. Stop being deceived, everyone who is sexually immoral [fornicator], adulterers, effeminate [a man who portrays to be female, womanish], homosexual {man with man, female with female} sodomite [a crime against nature; anal or oral copulation with the opposite or same-sex, coitus with animals], idolaters, thieves, covetous [greedy], drunks [intoxicated, inebriated, high, un-sober from anything that alters the brain chemical balance], revilers [verbal abuser, words used as weaponry, to belittle, insult, humiliate, slander, or intimidate], extortioner [swindler].
  5.  We are to discontinue using our bodies in harlotry either through selling or giving away?
  6. Every person we have sex with we become one person and will inherit from one another their character and integrity little by little.
  7. Receiving the Holy Spirit within our body is a gift.
  8. Those who officiate in the sacred services eat from the temple offerings of food and those who attend the altar have their share in the offerings brought to the altar.
  9. All who have the Holy Spirit are all participants to take hold of the prize.

We have no agreement with idolaters nor their idols/false gods. We are the temple of the Living GOD. GOD, HIMself has said:

“I will live in them and walk within them. I will be their GOD and they will be MY people”.


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