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October 12, 2020

Anger: Be angry and sin not-Ephesians 4:26

Okay, let’s be real, we all get angry and it is an emotion given to us for a reason. Let me see if I can explain anger’s necessity after all it was provided to us by GOD and JESUS exercised righteous anger, so anger when controlled must be a tool in our emotions that is required.

I want to try and explain the difference between bad and good anger. 

Bad anger when released inappropriately escalates and provokes more anger and increases stress. In the heat of bad anger, we become impulsive and for some of us who exhibit out-of-control anger, we do not care about what we say or do and most often whoever is in our line of anger though they may be innocent of what caused the anger, they too will be caught in the line of fire.

When becoming angry we react instead of being proactive. This is a good example of losing self-control rather than being in control of oneself. It also is a reflection of unjustifiable and unrighteous anger.

Good anger is exercised by one who takes the time to reflect on the situation rather than reacting to a situation. We must put forward our ability to empower our rational mind rather than giving power to our emotional mind. We are not the brute beast, we are mankind and we must embrace our humanity of reasoning, we can problem-solve. This is an example of justifiable and righteous anger.

People belong to an array of communities and giving power to anger when angered is not our time to flex what we believe is our strength because, in actuality, inappropriate anger is flexing our weakness.

When angered, it is essential that we remove ourselves from the person, people, or situation that has caused this emotion to become stirred within and self-talk. This is a pretty good tool that may cause us to reflect that for whatever reason we began to get angry it was really a skimpy reason and that maybe we may have some unresolved reasons as to why something so small would cause the arousal of this type of emotion.

How many people have experienced the death of a family, friend, or associate while we are in the throws of being unjustifiably angry only to wish that we could apologize, ignored, or see them again realizing that what we were angry about was foolishness?

Unfortunately, my country America has a leader who loves to stoke the flames of anger. He bullies and taunts and instead of our soaring higher than he, most speak out in anger. Or, some who have drunk the poison punch and share in the foolishness of his rantings and try to ignite not only anger but fear as well.

We are not to give in and become defeated by inappropriate emotional anger. We are intelligent humans who are students in the Word of GOD which teaches us to be in self-control. It is vital that we take the time to deal with unresolved issues in our lives that can go as far back as our childhood. Be honest about what has caused us emotional pain, disappointments, discouragements, and such. Then, give them to GOD asking HIM to deliver us from all that has never been resolved in our lives, we must forgive everyone who has wronged us including ourselves. And, as we ask the FATHER in JESUS name to take away those things, ask HIM to give to us in their place the fruit of the Holy Spirit, the ability to forgive, love, show mercy and grace towards others. I must share with you that it is liberating to have everything that hindered me from having JESUS character evicted from me and to have what I need of JESUS to move in and take the place of negativity.

I have also found that attending an anger management class can be rather helpful because not only will we hear relatable stories but together we can help one another and reflect that the problems that we endure do not seem as overwhelming as the ones that other people seem to have. Not, to make light of what we are dealing with, but those classes teach us to listen and reflect and take notice that we are not alone, we are not the only ones who experience what we are dealing with.

So, the text is about being angry and not sinning, what are some of the ways we can do this.

  • Go to GOD, speak about it with HIM, then give it to HIM
  • Do not take the anger and it’s cause back
  • Deal with your own unresolved inner issues
  • Give them to GOD and do not take them back
  • Do not allow anger to overtake you
  • Explore your inner core desire
  • Recognize the spirit behind the person who has wronged you
  • Exercise compassion, forgiveness, grace, mercy, and love daily
  • Learn how to effectively communicate through verbal or written communication
  • Know that you are resilient
  • Never allow people to see you sweat

It is a must that we stop being angry with ourselves and with others. Put anger far away from you. Your life is much too precious to spend time being angry because anger leads to all sorts of evil.

AMFBeM (™)

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