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October  23, 2020

We cannot afford Wisdom-Job 28:18

No country can press enough money, there are not enough precious gems, metals, oils, or anything else that is considered to be extremely valuable that causes mankind to be wealthy that is enough to pay for true Wisdom.

We all look for self-help wisdom and we spend millions investing in self-help books to obtain the wisdom of others who have achieved those things that we desire. Now, I am not knocking self-help books, I have used them myself just to see what someone has to say about achieving those goals that we have. But what worked for another may not necessarily work for you. We need to go to our power source and that is to seek out GOD and ask HIM for his Wisdom and direction to accomplish whatever goals that we have. 

GOD’s Wisdom is far more expensive than anything that we have to offer. Nothing that we desire in this life is as precious as GOD’s Wisdom and nothing can be compared to HIS Wisdom. So, instead of spending millions to attend seminars and purchasing books to obtain wisdom for your desired goals. Do the following:

  • Speak to GOD about the desires that you have on your heart
  • Remember what the letters in ASK stand for 
  • Ask for HIS Wisdom to accomplish your goals, HE will teach you how to speak and or do those things that you will like to accomplish
  • Seek HIS face, look for HIM to be of help to you
  • Knock, remain persistent as we do when we knock on the door of a place we either want entry into or want to see a person we believe and hope is behind a locked door.

GOD desires that we receive HIS Wisdom and HE wants to provide us with an abundant, exceedingly, and, a liberal amount of HIS Wisdom and it will cost us nothing.

This is my testimony, I want to be published and I had no idea how to go about it. So, I prayed, speaking with the FATHER asking HIM how to write and publish a book in the hopes that others will want to read what is being written. In less than a month’s time, I heard from GOD. HE began to show me how to put a magazine together and told me to just give them away free of charge. I was so happy to find that several churches wanted to have those magazines in their foyer so that their parishioners could pick one or a few up to share with others. I have not written and published a magazine since twenty-14 but have been asked when will I begin to publish them again. It is on my to-do list for the future but so is writing a book. I just have to take the time to learn from the FATHER how to establish an e-book and I am certain that those future e-books will be well received. In my endeavor to accomplish my goal, I had and I have to speak with the FATHER and ASK HIM for HIS Wisdom and because I really wanted this I had to be persistent. In other words, I kept nagging until my FATHER made it happen for me.

Nothing is impossible for us to accomplish when we believe, rely on, and trust in GOD’s Wisdom far more than we believe, rely on, and trust in our own wisdom or the wisdom of others which is costly. 

AMFBeM (™)

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