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October 22, 2020

Wisdom, Strength, and Counsel-Job 12:13

Honestly, there is no reason for me to write any further because if you read the scripture that I always include with the title of these newsletters, you will read that and maybe a wee bit further to gain the context. So, I will try as always to do my best with the full help of the Holy Spirit who lives within me to break the scripture down in the hope that your understanding will become open.

With the FATHER is Wisdom, is Counsel, and is Strength. Meaning stop looking for wisdom in books because Wisdom belongs to GOD and can only be obtained through HIM. Stop looking for wisdom in mankind because our wisdom is limited to education and experience only. Though I have nothing against going to a counselor or our speaking with those that we trust to gain a better or full understanding of the questions that we have. Look for wise Counsel in the FATHER first and last because the Holy Spirit is among other things, that which we stand in need of as our counselor. And, when we are weak, too weak to even pray or go on due to the trial that we are facing this is not the time to forget about the Strength of GOD but rather this is the time when we need to pull on HIS strength out of desperation. Hopefully, when we are weak like this, those who surround us will be filled with the Holy Spirit and will not only console us but will remind us of GOD’s strength. 

Understand and do not get me wrong, I am not against mankind’s wisdom, counsel, and strength but know that we are limited to all of these. We should continue to grow from education and experience but we are never to rely on these that we have gained one hundred percent. GOD’s Wisdom, Counsel, and Strength will never be depleted because HIS fullness is never-ending, HE has no lack and nothing will ever be missing.  

The Almighty GOD is wise in heart and has mighty strength. You know in the days of old anyone who challenged HIM out of pride due to ignorance met with harm and death. Thank YOU FATHER that in the ignorance of mankind YOU no longer just wipe mankind out.

Because of HIS SON, JESUS we now live and benefit from HIS grace and mercy and HE does not despise anyone nor are we looked upon as being trivial to HIM. HIS mighty understanding is powerful in strength.

AMFBeM (™)

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