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October 28, 2020

Wisdom and Justice – Psalms 37:30

With today’s unjustifiable climate among mankind, we may ask the question is justice fair? From its narrows sense, the answer is yes. The principles of justice are rules which may be found as fair play and social justice. Now, let us look at what justice is from a biblical standpoint. Justice is the rendering to everyone that which is due. In other words, returning or giving back that which is due. So, if we obey the law of the land in return we have nothing to fear from the police or the judicial system this is called fair play.

Unfortunately, social justice is lopsided and is blind to the less fortunate financially or to the difference of skin color. Justice has been distinguished as follows; equality. Justice meaning is merely doing what positive law demands and equality means doing what is fair and right in the eyes of separate cases. The poor do not receive the same justice as the wealthy and anyone with darker skin hues may not receive the same justice as those of lighter skin hues. However, with all of this foolishness, there is no greater justice than that of GOD.

The souls which have come to CHRIST JESUS and led by the Holy Spirit will speak with the tongue of wisdom because the tongue motivated by wisdom will speak justice based on how GOD views a matter. 

Whatever mankind harbors inwardly from the heart will be brought forward and out. So, if a person is evil from within, well that is the treasure that will be demonstrated and heard from those people. But, if a person is righteous in CHRIST JESUS from within the heart, that person will present forward and outward the treasure which will be demonstrated and spoken.

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