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October 27, 2020

GOD’s Power and Wisdom-Job 38-40

Whenever any of us need to be taken down a peg or two read the above chapters in the book of Job.

I personally do not give a care as to how much power or wisdom is given to us by GOD and I am most thankful for being given both because I need them. However, I will never desire the arrogance and prideful spirit that mankind obtains when they believe that all the power and wisdom that is exhibited through them comes directly from mankind. If mankind believes that he or she is powerful based on self-effort or wise due to being educated in books, experience, or schooling think again. 

Imagine standing near a whirlwind/tornado/twister and not being harmed. Imagine listening to the voice of GOD coming from a whirlwind. Is it possible for us to do this in our imagination and if so how many of us believe that we can stand in the midst of a tornado or for that matter listen for the voice of GOD coming from within? Here is another question I will present before you, imagine being led during the daylight hours from one location to another by this great cloud of a twister and then being led by the illuminating light of fire coming from a whirlwind/tornado/twister, will you follow? Do not be so quick to answer with an overwhelming yes because even without the whirlwind mankind find it difficult to stand before the Most-High GOD, mankind find it difficult to praise the Almighty GOD for all of HIS creations, mankind finds it difficult to believe in CHRIST JESUS and all that HE has informed us of whom HE is, what HE has done, what HE is doing, and what HE will do. Mankind misunderstands the role of the promised Holy Spirit.

I believe it is arrogant for anyone to become angry with GOD because of the lack of not knowing HIM. After all, HE has made HIMself available for anyone to come and get to know HIM. I believe it is prideful for anyone to believe that they exist on their own merits and that GOD plays no part in their lives.

Out of all of GOD’s wondrous creations, mankind is the only fickle creation all because of our sinful nature. We look up at the sky and never consider how the sky and all that we can see hangs just as HE spoke them into existence and not once have they ever fallen. We go into orbit and do not consider how all the planets have remained just where GOD placed them when HE spoke them into existence. We look at all the plant life and though we do admire them we destroy them as well to make room for artificial plant life or buildings. We like to be near the animals but at a distance with barriers of plexiglass or bars because sin has made enemies of all the untameable animals that we call undomesticated or wild. And then we take the tameable ones the ones we call domesticated which at one time were not so and try to make humans out of them by placing clothes on them and pushing them along in prams or translating their barks and meows into our human language. 

All the while never saying what they are most likely are saying in their animal breath and that is they are praising the LORD GOD because the Word of GOD tells us “let everything that has breath praise the LORD”. 

So, after you sit down and read the above chapters of Job ask yourself are you as powerful and as wise as GOD?

AMFBeM (™)

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