Redeemed by the REDEEMER

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No one has been missed. Everyone if they want grace can have it. Because grace made an appearance here on earth and brought salvation with HIM from GOD. Grace will teach us all that when we deny the sins of this world with its lusts and ungodliness. That we can live godly, righteously, and soberly. We have a blessed hope that we can look to, we know that we have a glorious hope from our great GOD and Savior JESUS CHRIST, HE is the One who gave HIMself up for us all. HE is the One and only One who was able to redeem us. Through CHRIST JESUS we become pure and free from the lawless nature of sin. We become HIS and HE becomes ours, we are known by HIM and it will be because we know that through this unimaginable love that CHRIST JESUS has for us that we will want to be righteous.

You know sometimes when I write to you I have to stop and give my GOD a praise, thanking HIM for who I am in HIM.  JESUS has an inheritance which is far more excellent than anything a man can comprehend and because HE has an inheritance so do I. Do you realize that just in HIS most powerful name is our inheritance? Whew, glory to GOD!

By using the only blood which is more potent than that of HIS creations such as animals or humans. JESUS is the One who entered the Most Holy Place once, one time, repetition is not required for each and every human or every time we make a mistake that is sinful. We have an eternal redemption, glory to GOD!

What is better than the blood of JESUS CHRIST? Who else can offer his blood which is not holy but sinful, who believed though HE had not made an appearance as yet on the earth? Who else can offer his blood which is sinful, for the people that are alive on this earth with you at this moment? Who else can offer his blood which is sinful, for the people who will be born in future that happen every second of the day? No one can do this!! The blood of JESUS which is sin free, which is pure, which has the power to clean us from every past, present, and future sin and through HIS eternal Spirit was able to offer HIMself up to GOD. The conscience of man becomes clean from every dead work so that we will serve with gladness and love our living GOD. When satan that evil accuser throws those fiery darts our way, reminding us of our past or about the present mistakes we have made that are sinful. CHRIST JESUS is the One who speaks up on our behalf to the FATHER and all that is seen on us is the Blood. Sin no longer exist within us because of our awaken spirit who is free from sin. We have a New Covenant, a New Contract, and a New Will that we possess now, not having to wait to receive from our GOD when we get to heaven but we can take possession right now. This is the promise we have in our eternal inheritance.

Our GOD is the Creator of mankind but our GOD is not the FATHER of mankind without HIS Beloved Son JESUS. To gain the FATHER as your FATHER you must receive by faith JESUS, it’s imperative that we believe in JESUS. There is no other way we can be delivered from ourselves or this evil that dwells on the inside of us. We must want to live in the will of GOD our FATHER.

CHRIST is a Redeemer! Maybe you don’t know what that is, allow me to explain. Each and every one of us operates in the place of a redeemer, I know some of you are asking when or how do I operate as a redeemer. Each time we make a purchase we are given a receipt, this is proof that we made a purchase from that significant place of business. So if for any reason we need to return to that business we have our proof of redemption. Or we use coupons to obtain an item for less than the selling price. Well, JESUS did the same for us with HIS blood, JESUS purchased back from sin and the creator of sin, and we have also been freed from the law which is or was a curse towards us. How many of you like living or being cursed? I’m certain that no one knowingly wants to live in or under a curse and if you know that you are cursed I’m certain you are looking for a way out of it. We need to know that when we are under attack we can show that we are redeemed by praising and worshipping GOD as well as reminding our attacker that we belong to JESUS.

Most wonderful reader, I hope that if you are saved by the grace of our living GOD that you are sharing these blogs with others, especially those who don’t know (have JESUS) living on the inside of their heart. They need to know that our Redeemer lives! They need to know that our Redeemer is mighty and that HE will plead for us when the enemy comes against us. Each soul needs an attorney, maybe not in the natural but spiritually we do because when we belong to JESUS that devil has placed a target on our heart to get us back at all cost. That devil will accuse us of every mistake we will make, he will use our spouses, our children, our parent’s anyone who is close and dear to us in our heart. We will even be attacked in our schools and place of employment and by our neighbors. No one is off limits that he will use to attack us. So when JESUS lives within our heart and we allow our flesh to rise up we make a mistake and sin, JESUS will speak to the FATHER and instead of being judged because of sin the Righteous Judge will only see the precious blood of HIS Beloved Son and we will stand acquitted.

We don’t have a weak redeemer, our Redeemer is strong! Our Redeemer’s name is the LORD of hosts and HE gives us rest. JESUS is the Holy One.

Are you in CHRIST JESUS, do you want to be in CHRIST JESUS? I hope so, I know I want you to be in CHRIST JESUS, I want you to know the wisdom of GOD because you are in HIM. I want you to know that in CHRIST JESUS you are righteous, you are sanctified and you are redeemed. You should want to glorify the LORD by now.

Ah, the grace of GOD is rich the grace of GOD forgives us daily. I’m offering you through these blogs to believe and receive the free gift that was very costly of GOD to offer up HIS Beloved Son JESUS for each of us in this world. Will you please receive the redemptive blood of CHRIST JESUS today? We can never get right enough through our own efforts before coming to GOD, this is why we need JESUS. Come to the Redeemer and be washed clean, be purified, be sanctified, become righteous in the blood of JESUS.


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