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November 3, 2020

Gain a heart of Wisdom – Psalms 90:12

Did you know that we are to be taught how to live well in the Holy Spirit? Okay, well did you know that we must learn from Wisdom that we are to learn how to live not only wise but well? In the sense of the adverb, this describes that we are to be good and proper mannerly, justly, rightly, our actions and conduct must be satisfactory at best-showing friendliness, and kindness to all.

Our days are numbered and we have no clue how many hours, minutes, seconds, days, weeks, months, or years that we have to live. Maybe this is why when we come to CHRIST JESUS we are saddened because we see just how much of our life we wasted in sins. But just as in the time of Lot, he and his family were told not to look back or not to look back missing/mourning where we once were, or what and who we left behind.

Our heart which is the soil is the place that must be prepared with plowing, tilling, fertilizing, and dressed whatever that means in the world of gardening and farming before the sowing and reaping a harvest. In order for our improving guess what we must do, we must schedule time in the Word of GOD and study. We do this so that we can advance in our growth, to be improved and refined which is done by our being corrected from the faults we are subject to having. When GOD removes what is not like HIM, HE does not leave that area void HE will fill that area with HIS good qualities and enlarge our power in HIS Wisdom.

Just as we are willing to cultivate our desires for anything that we want the Holy Spirit in His Wisdom will give us the desire to have our heart cultivated by Him. As we study GOD’s Word we will begin to cherish and foster who GOD is, who CHRIST JESUS is, who the Holy Spirit is, and who we are in CHRIST JESUS. We will begin to promote our increase in the excellence of love, and we will make better how we are with all people. We will no longer be self-absorbed. 

Unlike in the book of Psalms, we do not need to know the number of our days, we just need to gain a heart for Wisdom and live according to what He is teaching us to be and do.  

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