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November 2, 2020

Know Wisdom – Psalms 51:6

The first and foremost person we are to know personally is CHRIST JESUS and along with HIM, the next vital person we are to know is Wisdom who is known by the name of the Holy Spirit.

The FATHER desires that have what I like to call “the cannot help it or I cannot help myself”. Having CHRIST JESUS living within us should cause us to always be honest and loyal. But having Wisdom living within us we just cannot help but be honest and loyal. We can try to be disloyal but when those thoughts come up we quickly thwart them away as we do a fly. 

Deep down within us in the most crucial area of our being is where GOD will find HIS Wisdom. This is the place where we will come to get to know the FATHER, CHRIST JESUS, and Wisdom better and better. 

Just as the FATHER desires us to be completely truthful we will find that because Wisdom is within our deepest part we will grow to have a desire to be completely truthful as well. The Holy Spirit will teach us with His wisdom.

I have come to believe that my heart has many levels and chambers, doors that no man will notice or comprehend. Only GOD I believe has this knowledge, and my case for this is, why do we find in GOD’s most holy Word that the heart is also known as our innermost being? Innermost by definition is the farthest inward, most remote, and deepest within. It is here that once we invite the Holy Spirit to come and live within us that He comes in and illuminates every single room of our heart which is closed and not only closed but bolted and locked. But for Him to gain access to every room so that He can provide light and begin to clean, deodorize, disinfect, fumigate, opening the windows, and making that room comfortable for the FATHER, CHRIST JESUS and Himself to live. We must ask for Wisdom in areas where we think we are wise but not. We must ask that whichever door has not been entered into by the Holy Ghost that He is given access to that place. Some of us may just say pick a door and do what You are awesome at. 

The FATHER desires that HIS children be completely loyal as JESUS is loyal. This is why we must have Wisdom placed deep within us. Let me explain something, without Wisdom we will never become transparent and we will not be able to apply the fact that we are overcomers, we have power, strength, we are victors, and winners through CHRIST JESUS. Not having Wisdom makes us blood washed powerless and weak.

Wisdom my beloved causes us to be skillful and keeps us godly. Meaning that though we are saved in CHRIST JESUS without Wisdom we will fall back into that which we know and are comfortable with. Wisdom provides us with instruction that enables us to discern what we see and hear, to comprehend with insight and understanding.

Without Wisdom, we would not know how to behave according to the instructions that we read in the Word of GOD. We do not know how to discipline our thoughts and we will be lukewarm regarding integrity, justice, and righteousness. Meaning today we may be hot in CHRIST JESUS regarding our ability to display good integrity but though goodness is apart of our integrity we are not being led by goodness daily to the point that when people speak of us that they will say that we are godly people because all too often we look as the people of the world does. Are there times that we display self-righteousness rather than always displaying GOD’s righteousness? And whose justice do we display, ours or GOD’s, are we allowing GOD to deal with cases that cause us to become irritable or hurt, or are we handling matters ourselves? These are just some of the examples that I am providing that will show us how critical it is for all of GOD’s children in CHRIST JESUS to have Wisdom. Because without HIm we run hot and cold. 

Only the Holy Spirit can teach us to become wise and accept His correction. We need to be taught by the Holy Ghost how to develop our mind appropriately and the more we trust the leading of the Holy Ghost the more we will exhibit what we are learning about being fair, honest, and right.

If you are a Born-Again CHRISTian, meaning that you have been washed in the Blood of JESUS and you have never asked the Holy Spirit to come into your life just as you asked JESUS to come into your heart. Then I urge you to do so today. Then once the Holy Ghost has come in daily ask Him to provide you with His Wisdom just for today. Ask Him for His Wisdom every day. 

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