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November 17, 2020

We have no knowledge of GOD without Wisdom – Proverbs 30:3

People consistently will say that they love GOD or that they know HIM. But their lifestyle which is most commonly orchestrated by the heart has no reflection of this being accurate. You see, you must first have GOD’s Wisdom in order to know HIM. And the only way to obtain GOD’s Wisdom is through CHRIST JESUS.

Saying that you believe in GOD is good but it is no big deal but saying that CHRIST JESUS knows you a huge deal. Why is this so? Saying that you believe in GOD is good but do we realized that even the demons believe this and are terrified, Jms. 2:19. And, just because we do good deeds and are kind is good, it is done either because we have a generous and kind nature or we fulfill this duty from a religious or civic-minded standpoint which is good but does not mean that all of that will give anyone access into heaven, Mt. 7:21-23.

GODly Wisdom cannot be learned from the standpoint of reading books or being educated and instructed. GODly Wisdom belongs to GOD alone and to be given some is to have GOD the FATHER,  CHRIST JESUS, and the promised Holy Spirit living in our hearts. Without the promised Holy Spirit whose name is also Wisdom, it will be impossible to have the correct knowledge of the Holy ONE.

Let us evaluate our hearts and mindset: 

  • Do we have Reverential fear [the utmost respect] for GOD?
  • Do we Worship HIM alone above anyone else or anything else? Do we adore GOD through CHRIST JESUS? Do we give to HIM, HIS divine honor which is due to HIM alone? Are we submitted to HIM? Is HE first above anyone or anything?
  • Do we truly realize just how awesome GOD truly is?

If after we have given ourselves that evaluation and our answers are all in the positive rather than being in the negative which is most commonly recognized to these performances but by no way limited to what is listed.

  •  Duty
  •  Obligation 
  • Observance 
  • Religiosity 
  • Ritualistic
  • Traditional 

Then with a clear conscience, we can truly say that we do have the true knowledge of GOD because of CHRIST JESUS and the leading of the Holy Spirit who resides within us. We understand the pre-eminent part of our having wisdom being the complete essence and starting point in getting to know the Holy ONE through Spiritual insight and understanding deposited within our spirit.

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