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November 24, 2020

Wisdom does not bring shame – Jeremiah 8:9, 9:23

Information to some and a reminder to others that true Wisdom comes from above [GOD in heaven]. Earthly wisdom comes from below [this planet/world] which are experiences and knowledge.

The experiences of life and the education of knowledge is good to have but it is not to be relied on because earthly wisdom cannot see the ins and outs of what we desire, need, or want. Earthly wisdom is exhaustible whereas the Wisdom that we obtain from the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS is inexhaustible.

Those who think they are wise will eventually be found out by others to be complete fools from the advice that they provided. Unfortunately, all too often people who are void of knowledge are the ones who rely on the foolish and stupid advice given by others that they place all their faith in. For example; some years ago I used to hear below my window certain young boys aged fifteen through twenty-anything quote the information that they were hearing and listening to from a young rapper that they look up to. All and I do mean all the information that they spoke about they took to heart and all that I heard the young boys quote from the young rapper who obtains his wealth from such followers was completely ignorant, stupid, and wrong.

Such followers of anyone that other people consider being wise such as counselors, entertainers, leaders, role models, teachers, or anyone that people are known to hear. We must be careful when providing advice to those in need. Our advice must be sound, and sound advice fully comes from GOD through CHRIST JESUS and the Holy Spirit. 

Everyone who relies on earthly wisdom that is exhaustible is a fool. Unless they are filled with the Spirit of Wisdom where they can hear from the LORD GOD through CHRIST JESUS, then their advice must be considered and weighed carefully before placing it into action.  

Leaders must be careful about the advice we offer or share with those that come to hear the answers to the questions in their hearts. The advice which is offered from those who rely on their wisdom often will come to nothing and the person who accepted the advice runs and operates in the information received then returns to complain how what was applied did not work out. Unfortunately, the person who operated in his or her wisdom rarely is ashamed of the advice provided. They do not consider that the advice was detestable, disgusting, and vile. They do not realize that eventually, they will fall as a punishment due to recklessness. And, are perplexed when the advice which was given did not go as planned and will blame the listener for not following through with what may have been omitted or not carried out in the cookie-cutter style in which the advisor expected for the listener to do.

But GOD is simply awesome because HE will take what is foolish which will be used for HIS purpose. And, HE will confound those people who consider themselves wise or know full well that people hang on their very words and refuse to take responsibility for the direction they set forth to such people. The LORD GOD through CHRIST JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit will reveal the ignorance of those who rely on their wisdom. These people believe that they are strong because they have gained much wealth from the ignorance of those seeking answers but GOD will reveal the ignorance and shame of those who consider themselves wise or who are pseudo-role models. And, those who come to trust in CHRIST JESUS and acquire from HIS Holy Spirit the daily wisdom needed will no longer be frail of knowledge and weak. 

Mankind needs to listen very carefully to those who think themselves to be wise or for that matter may not consider themselves wise but know full well that they have the ears of those who follow and who hang on their every word. These people are rejecters of the Word of the LORD. They rely on sight and experiences rather than the unseen which is eternal. 

Here is the reality of earthly limitations of wisdom:

  • The competitiveness that we put forward in the hopes of being first to gain recognition is not always given to those who are first. 
  • Every battle that we find ourselves in is not always won by those who appeared to be stronger. 
  • Reliance on earthly intelligence and wisdom does not promote health and does not cause everyone to be rich or popular.
  • We all operate seasonally and misfortune happens to us all. 

I find nothing at all wrong with having an education and operating from the intelligence that we have but what I do suggest is that we do not rely on our understanding but to rely on GOD’s Wisdom because HE will direct our paths and HE never bring discouragement or shame. Keep learning through experience and formal education of classes, of reading books, and speaking with people this type of wisdom does have its place. 

However, what do we do when we have not been educated in a particular field in which we find ourselves? How do we approach and speak with people to get from them what we need when we have no idea what the language is that people who spend all their time in these situations communicate? This is when we no longer rely on our wisdom but we go to the FATHER and ask HIM to show us where to go, who to speak with, and how to speak with those that we need to get that which we either need or want. 

I cannot stress enough to you dear readers that our wisdom is not to be relied upon, we must take a stance to no longer be fooled by the earthly knowledge and wisdom we have gained throughout our years, or in the knowledge and wisdom of those that speak with others. After all, iron does sharpen iron. Regardless of what we think we are not alone and in full control.

Discontinue imagining that we are wiser than anyone because others will prove us wrong. Though our wisdom has gained us great wealth in our chosen profession, we can develop a heart of arrogance and pride because of it. When this occurs it will be because we allowed our mind to ponder the thoughts of not needing GOD.  We do not by faith acknowledged the fact that it was GOD who allowed us to obtain that which we have and enjoy. Everyone who may say thanks to GOD for what they have does not necessarily believe HE had anything to do with it.  But the day will come, maybe not in our lifetime but it will come because of our arrogance and pride and our not acknowledging GOD that all that has been obtained will be lost throughout the generations of our descendants who do not respect the hard work that was put in to obtain what we have.

The LORD GOD HIMself has warned us not to glory in our self wisdom and the strong must not glory in his or her strength. Nor are we to rely on our riches/wealth. Our strength and wisdom will not cause us to win every battle nor is safety to be found. Our knowledge and wisdom cannot be trusted for there are others who are more cunning, educated, and keen. 

However, the LORD HIMself will watch over anyone of us who actively honors HIM and will actively trust in HIM and HIS loving-kindness. HE is the ONE who will protect us from premature death and starvation. We must place all of our dependency on the LORD JESUS to help us in every way as our hearts continue to be rejoiceful all because we trust in GOD through CHRIST JESUS who is the Only True GOD. HE is kind and HE does bless us because of our dependency on HIM. There is no shame.

AMFBeM (™)  

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