Behold the Lamb of God

The legally blind can fix their eyes but are only able to see mostly shadows. The complete blind has their eyes fixed yet can see only darkness. But those who are able to see with or without glasses can fix their eyes and still be blind to what they should be able to see. This type of blindness is called spiritual blindness. We can place our gaze onto people, places and things and never see how demonic influences are in control. However, when we come to CHRIST JESUS we will have those scales removed from our eyes and will be able to see with clarity the company we keep, the places we frequently visit and the things that we have touched or own that requires us to destroy or not take ownership in the first place. But this is not what I want us to look on, it is my desire to have those who are not in a relationship with CHRIST JESUS to actually see HIM for who HE is and HIS desire for all of us. Even if at first you need to squint to try and bring HIM into focus do what you must until you believe in HIM with your entire heart and then HE will cause you to see HIM clearly without squinting.

There are two reasons as to why JESUS is called a lamb. The first is that HE is gentle, innocent and meek, the second is that HE came into this world to be our sacrifice. Lambs were often sacrificed as we can find throughout the Bible. When John the Baptist looked he saw his cousin coming forward and said to those who were there “Behold/look” John did not keep it a secret as to who JESUS is, he told everyone there that JESUS is the Lamb of GOD and that HE is the One who takes away the sins of the world. We can look to no other person, place or thing because no one has the ability to save the world other than CHRIST JESUS. Every human must look and see JESUS as our sacrificial Lamb of GOD who laid HIMself down for us all though HE was innocent of sin because sin was and is not in HIM. However, we are guilty because sin is or was in us, why do I write that sin was in us? Because unless we have been washed in the Blood of CHRIST JESUS we are sinners, guilty of sin and have nothing to do with JESUS. But after we look on JESUS, believe in JESUS with our heart, and confess JESUS with our mouth then we are no longer guilty and we are no longer sinners. We have become the righteousness of GOD in CHRIST JESUS.

We actually need to behold/see the love that GOD the FATHER has for us all. As children of the Living GOD it is still strange to us just how much our FATHER loves us, yet, we know with assurance that no matter how much we love HIM, we can never love HIM as much as HE loves us. HIS love for us is greater than humanly possible. Hmm, makes sense why GOD the FATHER is not a man but SPIRIT. No matter how hard or how much we try to convey the love that the Almighty GOD has for us people will never understand what we are trying to share with them because they do not know HIM and because they do not know HIM they will never know who we really are as long as they remain blinded and in darkness. The love that we have for the FATHER, SON and Holy Spirit have nothing to do with the fact that we love HIM but it’s completely based on the fact that HE loves us. The FATHER sent to and gave us HIS only begotten SON. HIS mission was to forgive our sins and HE did so perfectly. So stop looking for HIM to repeat what HE has already done and believe in what was accomplished through HIM and accepted by the FATHER. The FATHER loved the world so much that HE gave to us HIS only begotten SON so that everyone who believes in HIM/JESUS will not die but have eternal life. Continue to choose not to believe in HIM or believe that you have time to believe in HIM and you will have eternal death. Understand that GOD’s mercy is abundant and HIS love for us is great. We all are born spiritually dead and grow up to be animate zombies, we don’t need to watch the walking dead or any other type of zombie television show or movie because we live among them daily. Being spiritually dead we are not aware that we are disobedient until we are made alive spiritually in CHRIST JESUS and become obedient. It is by the grace of the Almighty GOD that we are saved from eternal punishment. And this is not an automatic or inclusive way that we have obtained, we must first believe in the heart the LORD CHRIST JESUS then confess HIM through our mouth. Just as we unwittingly lived for satan we will willingly live for CHRIST JESUS. Just as CHRIST JESUS arose from the dead so do we, and as HE rules in the heavenly so do we. The FATHER demonstrated HIS love for us with extraordinary greatness of HIS grace in the love that HE shows us in HIS SON CHRIST JESUS.  

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