Ah, the angels; we simply love to speak about them and yet we don’t understand them. We call our loved one’s angels and believe that when a person dies that they are transformed into angels. Angels are messengers, they come to tell or announce a message from GOD. They are ministering spirits, ministers of GOD with intelligence employed by GOD to communicate HIS will to us. In the Word of GOD, we are shown various angels and what it is that they do. Throughout the Old Testament we will find “the Angel of the LORD or GOD” this is JESUS” Heb.1:4, Rev.10:1. CHRIST JESUS is the head of the church as shown to us in Rev. 10:1. Another angel that we are shown is satan, he is an evil spirit. And he and all the angels that followed him will be judged by us, 1 Cor. 6:3, Rev. 9:1. Angels are ambassadors of GOD, Rev. 2 and 3. Angels are assigned to execute judgment, Rev. 16. Humans are not transformed after death into angels though we will have their likeness once we join CHRIST JESUS after HE returns to collect who belong to HIM.

The Angel of LORD; Messenger of the LORD, Angel of GOD, this is JESUS pre-incarnate, this was before HE clothed HIMself in human flesh. JESUS spoke with Hagar the mother of Ishmael the firstborn of Abraham, HE also spoke with Abraham and Jacob.

JESUS CHRIST as the Angel of the LORD, first showed HIMself to Moses in a burning bush speaking with Moses on the mountain.  We all know and love the scripture about the dividing of the Red Sea, it is here that we see the LORD is the One who caused the land to be dry for the crossing over. Here is not where HE showed HIMself to Moses and the Israelites as the Angel of the LORD but the LORD who is in control. It is here that JESUS CHRIST reveals that even the seas obey HIM. The Angel of GOD [JESUS] not only went before Moses and the Israelites to guide by night in the form of a pillar of fire. During the day the Angel of GOD [JESUS] transformed HIMself into a pillar of cloud and became their rear guard following behind them.  The Angel of the LORD [JESUS] spoke to Moses providing him with a promise of bringing the Israelites to the Promised Land and giving him instructions.

Some manuscripts show that it was the Angel of the LORD who stirred up the water in the pool at Bethesda but I myself do not like to put in or take out what the scriptures are teaching us. I don’t see in many manuscripts that will confirm that it was JESUS as the Angel of the LORD as being the One who stirred up the water in the pool. However, it is without argument that an angel who was assigned by GOD to come down at various seasons or times to stir up the water in the pool and that whoever was able to get into the pool first is the one who would be healed.

 The Angel of the LORD is JESUS who is spoken of in the book of Acts regarding Moses who was rejected yet made ruler by GOD. Moses was sent by GOD to free the Israelites from bondage and he was to rule them only by the help of the Messenger Angel [JESUS] who showed HIMself to Moses in the burning bush which was not consumed by the fire.

Now let’s look at how the evil spirit, the fallen angel who is not of GOD came to temp JESUS when JESUS was weak in HIS human form. The evil fallen angel came to JESUS and tried to convince HIM that HE was not the SON of GOD. What is missing here is “delight and begotten”. The FATHER said, and it was heard not only by JESUS but by John the Baptist his cousin who baptized HIM and by all who witnessed the baptism of JESUS. We must never forget who we are and whose we are in CHRIST JESUS regardless of what people tell us or say about us. And though we know that we are never alone, that we have assigned angels who have charge over us and will be given a special charge to keep us. Never tempt the LORD our GOD when we know that what we are being tempted with is dangerous. As was stated above it is proven that in our grief it makes us feel a wee bit better to say that our loved ones when dead have been transformed into angels. This is not true first we don’t know but we do hope that our loved ones are waiting to be awakened by CHRIST in HIS return for HIS church. If our loved ones truly believed even if done with their final breath that JESUS is the LORD then they along with us will be like angels meaning that it’s not our flesh that will be joining CHRIST but our spirit and it is not clear to us what we will actually look like. So, we need to dispel that we will have wings and may resemble all the idols that we have in our homes, vehicles, and place of employment depicting what angels may look like.

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