The real being of GOD. The self-existing GOD. The Being of all beings. GOD is eternal and immutable. HIS constancy and faithfulness in fulfilling HIS promises include all time, past, present, and future. HE is not only the I AM what I AM at present, but HE is the I AM what I have been, and I AM the GOD of what I will be and will be what I AM. John 8:58.

The question arose from Moses when he was speaking with GOD on top of the mountain when GOD/JESUS appeared before Moses in a burning yet unconsumed bush. “What is HIS name?” Today the question is still being asked. Our GOD has many names, and, in this name, I AM, HE was revealed to us as the GOD who is self-existing, eternal and very real. The answer Moses received from GOD/JESUS was that should the question come up of what MY name is, tell them that “I AM who I AM” “I AM has sent me to you”. Today, we need to be reminded that CHRIST JESUS the Creator GOD is still today “I AM” HE is still just to name a few.

  • The LORD GOD
  • The LORD
  • YAH the One who rides on the clouds
  • The LORD Most High
  • I AM the LORD
  • The Creator (Jhn. 1:10)
  • The Son of Man

JESUS warned just how critical it is to believe in HIM, that if anyone who is of the world and still the children of the beneath/hell, the children of satan, that they will die in their sins. They will when it’s much too late look for HIM. To believe in CHRIST JESUS we must believe first in our heart. Faith must always begin in the heart of anyone. There will be those who are in the last minutes of dying who may not be able to confess CHRIST JESUS from their mouth but by believing in their heart they will receive the gift of salvation. In this case, water baptism is impossible. However, for those of us who do have faith in CHRIST JESUS and willingly confess that JESUS is the LORD we should, but it will not cancel out our salvation if we are not water baptized. But just as CHRIST JESUS was submerged beneath the water so should we want the same. And it was when JESUS CHRIST was crucified that those who may have heard HIM teach finally believed that HE was who HE said that HE was and is who HE said that HE is. A great example is a Roman Soldier who may have abused and taunted JESUS but definitely pierced HIS side to verify that HE was dead. John 19:34. Mockers then and mockers today who refuse to believe in CHRIST JESUS will ask have we seen JESUS. I believe that JESUS gave an answer that we today may use. Of, course we may have to tweak it a wee bit to fit our language of today. But JESUS said that before Abraham was born that HE existed/I AM. Yet, we know or should be informed that Abraham is our father of faith because HE believed in CHRIST JESUS before JESUS was born of mankind. Before HE clothed HIMself in mortal flesh and breathed, lived, did normal activities of the day, learned from HIS earthly father of whom HE did not come from the trade of being a carpenter. Matt. 13:55 and Mrk. 6:3. CHRIST JESUS has and never will change, HE is the same yesterday, today (present) and forever the I AM. HE is not like a man who constantly changes, and HIS years will never fail. CHRIST JESUS is the Alpha and HE is the Omega; the Beginning and the End/Last. I AM who is the LORD Almighty, The LORD, The YES, the LORD Most High, The YAH, JESUS The CHRIST is HE who was, and HE who is to come, HE is the Almighty, HE is the I AM. CHRIST JESUS is “Holy, Holy, Holy, The LORD GOD Almighty who was and is coming back!

However, though I AM having many names there is only one name that is above every name. It is the name that we must use in our heart, in our mind, and from our lips. It is at this name that everyone knee will bow either willingly (above the earth) or unwillingly (beneath the earth) and our tongues in like manner will willingly (above the earth) or unwillingly (beneath the earth) and openly acknowledge and confess that;

JESUS CHRIST is The LORD to the glory of GOD The FATHER.

For HE is the great I AM.

Exodus 3:14, 6:3; John 8:24, 28, 58; Heb. 13:8; Rev. 1:8, 4:8


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