Are you barren

Hopeful-Hearts-FinalThis blog is basically written to build up the faith of those women who are married to men and it is their desire to be parents. These women have an ache in their heart that can’t be filled until she is able to carry the seed of her beloved husband in her womb. I want to send your way words of encouragement and truth. I want you to see what was impossible and what GOD made possible; because you need to get into your heart and mind that nothing is impossible with the LORD GOD through CHRIST JESUS. 

Elizabeth was an old barren woman long past her years to carry a baby within her womb. Back during those times; we don’t see in the bible where women who were not able to give birth adopt or foster children. It may have occurred but the LORD GOD did not record it if it happened. I’m not against adoption or fostering as a matter of fact I’m totally for it 100%. I thank GOD for this alternative. There are enough neglected; unwanted; unloved and abused children. And then there are mothers who are not capable and were smart enough to know that abortion is murder and preferred to place the child up for adoption in the hopes the child would be cared for in ways the mother, father or family of the baby could not or would not be cared for. 

Now back to my point; the LORD JESUS is the same yesterday, today and eternally, Heb. 13:8. So if HE opened the womb of old Elizabeth; Lk. 1:25 you have got to believe that HE will open up your womb. And if that is not enough for you to stand on then let’s go way, way back to an even older woman by the name of Sarah. Yep, that very same Sarah who is the wife of Abraham who was 100 years of age when he fathered Isaac and Sarah birthed her baby Isaac at the ripe young age of ninety, Gen. 17:17 and 21:1-6. 

Dear sister in CHRIST JESUS,

Of course I don’t know who you are but JESUS does. However, what I do know is that we all grow in our faith walk at various levels and it’s time that you step out on faith in this area. I’m certain that you have seen JESUS manifest HIMself to you in various ways. HE is faithful and true.

This is a huge area in your life; it seems hopeless; you may have even spent all that you have on fertility medications. But I tell you this is JESUS expertise; HE shines in hopeless situations; when we unfortunately spend all that we have looking for human solutions and nothing happens; HE can make something happen.

Let me ask you; what can be more hopeless than death? Yet, when JESUS appeared life sprang forth. And when you have spent all that you have seeking help from doctors and nothing is being done. Just a touch from JESUS seems to makes your life whole. 

Here are some scriptures of hope for you dear sisters; I know will bring forth encouragement and hope that will build up your faith to stand. Now it’s up to you to trust in JESUS; in the Word; trust without any doubt in your heart or mind that you are a giver of life. Also understand this; the LORD GOD has allowed adoption and the LORD JESUS will place a desire on your heart to adopt if that is the direction HE wants for you. JESUS actually does speak; HE’s not a quiet GOD.

So what I want for you are the following in your life because I desire that you have an abundant life in CHRIST JESUS; I desire that you be an Overcomer in all things in CHRIST JESUS. 

  1. If you are an unbeliever reading this; read the following scriptures. John 1:1-5, 10,12, 14-16; 3:3-5, 16-18, 35; 5:21-47; 7:38-39; 8:31, 51, 58: 10:1-11, 14-18, 25-30; 11:14-15, 17, 25-27, 38-41, 43-44; 12:45-50; 13:34-35; 14:6-11, 13, 15-31; 15:1-17; 16:6-11, 13-15 and then read about the trial, crucifixion resurrection and ascension of JESUS.
  2. If you are a believer reading this; read the following scriptures. John 7:37-39; 14:15-18, 26; 16:13-15; 18:27 then go back to remind yourself of Sarah and Elizabeth. 

Scriptures of hope.

Luke 7, 8, 18, 23, 24; Most of all never stop asking; Luke 11:9-13; 18:1-8

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