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October 8, 2020

Anger-Romans 10:18-21

This is a great witnessing experience because if any of you have actually out of compassion, grace, love, and mercy witnessed to anyone, most likely you may have hit a brick wall. However, this does not mean that because of this that you are to just give in and give up. No, keep at it.

I want us to take notice of our text of today, above our text is the scripture verse “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of GOD”. And this is where people stop but we must continue because the entire text explains why we hit brick walls with some and they may show us variations of their anger towards the JESUS within us. And are received by others and how in the beginning they may show irritation but then will begin to listen.

Once people have heard the gospel from others, the radio, the television, attendance of a weekly worship ministry, or you, it is their own fault that their lives have become ruined to the end. They cannot blame anyone for not telling them about JESUS. This text is also in reference to two separate nations, the first being the Jewish and the second being the Gentiles. Throughout the Bible prior to the death of JESUS on the cross, the gospel went out to the Jewish nation only. But they did not receive it well. During the life and after the death of JESUS on the cross the gospel touched the lives of Jews and Gentiles providing the example that both nations would benefit and deny the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS. The Jewish believers in CHRIST are called the Messianic Jews and the Gentiles are simply called Believers. The bottom line is that the Messianic Jews and the Gentiles are both Believers in CHRIST JESUS. We both benefit from all the promises because we both are inheriters through CHRIST JESUS.

So, when we approach our non-believing family members, associates, friends, or strangers do not walk away feeling that you have failed because you have not. They heard you but they did not listen. Your sound went out just as it said it will be, the Good News of CHRIST JESUS will be preached/spoken about/and taught throughout every nation in the entire world and then the end will come. As for you, remain obedient and tell others being moved from compassion, grace, love, and mercy for others about the Good News of CHRIST JESUS. Do not be ashamed, exercise your confidence in your faith in JESUS because you trust in HIS Goodness, HIS Power, and HIS Wisdom. This Wonderful Gospel of CHRIST JESUS is consistently being spread about the entire world bearing fruit by GOD’s Great Power just as it has been doing before you heard and since, this is GOD’s Grace in Truth. Just as JESUS reconciled you to the FATHER in HIS physical body through the death that HE endured on that cross just so we can be presented to the FATHER blameless, holy, and far removed from reproach HE will continue, not we will continue. All we need do is remain confident and faithful in HIM not being a reflection of having a double mind, shifting from one day to another about our hope in HIM. As long as we the believer remain true to our faith in JESUS what we say in the ears of others will echo and people will pay attention to our living out our faith in CHRIST and this just may be the hope of bringing a lost soul to the altar of the cross of JESUS.

GOD’s creation of mankind has made HIM jealous because we have placed people and things above HIM. GOD does not tolerate idolatry of any type. Everyone and everything that we place before JESUS is openly and secretly showing what and who we worship. Those who are true believers in JESUS prosper and because we prosper people stand back and speak negatively about what we have because they can see that we have been blessed abundantly. Jealousy is a product of anger, this is why we are being spoken about out of negative gossip and envy. As long as there is breath in the bodies of humans those who do not and have not received GOD’s Word are being shown grace and mercy because HE could very well take them out as HE did in days of old. However, if non-believers die in their refusal to believe in JESUS from their heart than that is of their own making to be destroyed eternally not yours, and most definitely not GOD’s because HE made a way of escape for each of us. So, what am I trying to explain here, that non-believers are transgressors, they are rebellious and rejecting JESUS and Salvation and in their earthly death, they will be cast into the pit of fire where the mercy of death will never come and it will be here that they will be conscious of all they forfeited from JESUS. 

Every single human on this planet has been deceived, disobedient, enslaved, and foolish to various sinful pleasures. We have spent and wasted our lives being envious, hateful, and full of malice [the action of anger, having the disposition to cause injury to others from personal gratification, be it mentally or having the thought to cause harm physically. Revenge comes from within a dead and sinful spirit], towards others.

I do not like the phrase “I found JESUS” because JESUS has never been nor will HE ever be lost but we are. We are the lost ones but I do accept that once we hear the Gospel of JESUS that we begin to seek for HIM. I do accept that when we have reached despair and cry out to JESUS that HE will make HIMself accessible to those who are lost. It is during those times of desperation that we come crying out to HIM but before that, we do not ask for HIM. We do not inquire about HIM from the heart but we may do so from the mind. And when questions come from those that people believe should be able to provide them with answers about JESUS or the circumstances in this world or what people are facing and the answer does not come because of our trying to come across as super-intelligent. That causes the person who is asking questions to continue in their disbelief. We push them closer to hell. JESUS wants to be known by all mankind.

Righteousness can only come from having faith in CHRIST JESUS. Everyone can see what GOD has done, yet, not everyone will give GOD the credit due to HIM. Instead, GOD is blamed for things that should be accredited to satan. However, GOD is our sustainer, but all of mankind will not obey HIS voice and keep HIS covenant. Believers in CHRIST JESUS are HIS special treasure above all people; for all the earth belongs to GOD who is its Creator. We who are true believers in CHRIST JESUS are to the FATHER, HIS kingdom of priests, and a holy nation. Those who desire to live out their lives through the law of righteousness will never fully do so because mankind in their sinful state will always break this law and this is why GOD wrote on two tablets HIS Ten Commandments because out of rebellion did the people speak that they were capable of doing all that the LORD has spoken. Well, we can see that this is untrue. We break in part, which means that we are breakers of the entire commandments, and laws which were written. Sin will keep non-believers in a state of anger, guilt, and rebellion. There is nothing that can be done righteously without CHRIST JESUS.

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