Everlasting Covenant


What is an everlasting covenant and why is it that we don’t know what it is, what it entails, and continually recall to mind the promises made between GOD and mankind? In short, it is lasting or enduring forever; eternal; existing or continuing without end; immortal. A coming together; a meeting or agreement of minds.

  • “The Covenant of Works”, is that implied in the commands, prohibitions, and promises of GOD; the promise of GOD to man, that man’s perfect obedience should entitle him to happiness. “This do, and live; that do, and die”.
  • “The Covenant of Redemption”, is the mutual agreement between the FATHER and SON, CHRIST JESUS respecting the redemption of sinners by CHRIST.
  • “The Covenant of Grace”, is that by which GOD engages to bestow salvation on man, upon the condition that man will believe in CHRIST JESUS and yield obedience to the terms of the gospel.

There are three hundred fifteen scriptures that teach us all about the covenant but there are only sixteen scriptures that teach us about the everlasting covenant. And three JESUS CHRIST and Paul share with us. Let us take a look at the various everlasting covenants because they are the ones that inform and teach that we should recall to remembrance the wonderful promises that we have.

This is the everlasting covenant that the FATHER made to Noah. The FATHER promised that HE will never again cause a flood that will destroy all living beings. This means that mankind and animals will never be destroyed by the overtaking of water caused by GOD. So some of you are reading this and saying “what about those massive floods, tidal waves, and tsunamis? There are many gods but only One True GOD, HE said that HE will never again cause destruction by water, yet, HE gets the blame for this evil thing. Our enemy satan is the god of this world and he is the one who copies the destruction of old to cause the devastation that we either experience or witness from our local news broadcast. Yet, he is never blamed for this, people in their ignorance quickly begin to chatter that GOD is angry and judging a particular location. This is far from the truth. When we see that beautiful rainbow in the sky most people never recall that it’s actually a sign from the FATHER of the covenant HE made with Noah. That sign is seen by GOD and us to remind us of the everlasting covenant which was made. The everlasting covenant is for every living creature of any kind which is on the earth. The rainbow is not about lucky charms, money, enchantments, leprechauns or any other stupid lies that the devil has sold to us and that is believed. CHRIST JESUS is GOD Almighty and HE appeared before Abram, and the covenant which was made to him was of works. Abram had to walk in or better stated had to live in total dependence and righteousness before GOD in order to receive from HIM. Now many people never think about the fact that the law was never given until after the crossing of the red sea by Moses and the now freed Israelites from Egypt who boasted about their ability to do what GOD had given them to do. So how was Abram going to live righteously before GOD? Abram was to believe, depend, rely and trust in whatever GOD shared with /promised him. The name Abram means exalted father, after CHRIST JESUS changed his name to Abraham he became the father of many nations. As of this writing Abraham is still producing fruit because he is the father of faith and every person who makes the choice to believe, depend, rely and trust in whatever GOD through CHRIST JESUS has shared with and promised us is his seed. There was a time when to prove that we are on the LORD’s side that the males were to be circumcised. This is no longer a requirement because CHRIST JESUS will circumcise anyone in their heart who believes in HIM. Just as the LORD changed Abrahams name HE also changed his wife’s name from mockery which is the meaning of Sarai to princess which is the meaning of Sarah. Now the father of many nations and the princess had a son and called him Isaac which means laughter as instructed by the LORD. And it was through Isaac that the LORD established HIS everlasting covenant. Think about this in this household is the father of many nations, the princess and laughter. This was an incredible household.

Here is another everlasting covenant made to King David which he spoke in his final words of life. Many may think that the words that he spoke pertained only to King David and his household but it does not. This everlasting covenant spoken is about CHRIST JESUS and how much we need him because of our sinful nature. All rulers over people must be righteous before GOD and rule in the admonition of GOD for himself and the people. Those of us who are on the LORD’s side meaning that we believe, depend, rely on, and trust in our salvation through CHRIST JESUS possess an everlasting covenant with HIM. We are in order with the assurance that everything that HE promised will come to full maturity.

We all desire to have an abundant life, don’t we? Well in the reading of Isaiah fifty-five we are shown just how we are to obtain that. And in the reading of chapter sixty-one we find that the Good News of our salvation is given.

We know how to quote this verse but quoting does not mean that we have taken it to heart by faith to believe in what CHRIST JESUS has said. “Look, I AM the LORD, the GOD of every living creature. Is there anything too difficult/ hard/ impossible for ME”? CHRIST JESUS promised that all the tribes that were run off because of HIS anger that HE alone will gather them and return them to the place of safety. If our spiritual eyes are open we can see HIM doing this today. Jews and one time gentiles alike will be the people of GOD we have a singleness of heart and purpose that cause us to have a reverential fear not a fear of dread to our FATHER forever. The FATHER has given to us an everlasting covenant not to turn away from us but to draw us nearer to HIM and to provide us with HIS good. In our hearts will be a respectful fear of him instead of having that fear of dread which once caused us to tremble or run away from HIM and hide. The FATHER is filled with joy regarding us and HE desires to provide us with HIS goodness and we will be planted with HIS entire heart and being. By now you should be ready to give GOD a praise and shout! For HIS glory is marvelous!!

Repentance brings about shame in a good way, when we repent we are mindful of just how sinful and in need we are of being saved not only from ourselves but from satan and our obedience to him. We are ashamed because we did not believe what we heard about CHRIST or that it took us so long to believe in HIM. GOD is a faithful GOD even in our unfaithfulness, HE remembers the covenant that HE made with us which is everlasting. HIS covenant does not reward us for sin, no, HIS covenant is for anyone who will come to HIS SON JESUS and believe in HIM. Because the LORD GOD is a forgiving GOD and HE will be our LORD. Check this out when reading chapter thirty-seven of Ezekiel I literally saw the cross when HE told Ezekiel to bind two sticks together. Wake up people see how the LORD GOD is collecting the tribes from the North, South, East, and West and bringing them back to their own land the land of promise. We will become one complete nation no longer divided into two and will serve only one KING. We will give up serving false gods because JESUS CHRIST has and is saving us, no longer will we be living in sin, HE will cleanse us so that we will be HIS people and that HE will be our GOD. The servant David is not referring to the mortal King David but the immortal KING David who is JESUS. HE also is our Good Shepherd and we will keep and observe to do what is right before GOD. KING David will lead us eternally HE has given to us the everlasting covenant of peace we are mighty in numbers and HIS sanctuary is forever in us.

Before JESUS CHRIST was illegally detained, questioned, tortured and nailed to the cross. JESUS CHRIST had HIS final Passover dinner/meal/supper with HIS disciples and HE said that HE will no longer celebrate the Passover again until its true meaning is full in the Kingdom of GOD. JESUS CHRIST took a cup of wine and gave it to HIS disciples to share with each other saying that HE will no longer drink from the fruit of the vine until the Kingdom of GOD comes. JESUS CHRIST also took bread blessed it with thanksgiving, broke it and gave it to HIS disciples saying “this is MY body which is being given for you / [us]; do this in memory of HIM”. After the meal JESUS CHRIST again took the cup and said, this cup is the New Covenant, confirmed, sanctioned and made valid by MY blood which is / [was] poured out for you / [us].

The work that CHRIST JESUS was given to do was far superior to what was done in the past. Just as the New Covenant that HE mediated for us is far superior to that which was given. So why is this New Covenant superior to that of the old? Because it is enacted and rest on more important promises which are sublime, higher and nobler. Unlike our ancestors who were with Moses we were not brought to the mountain of death which is Sinai but rather we have been led to the mountain called Zion. The city of the living GOD, the heavenly Jerusalem along with the countless multitude of angels for we are the church assembly of the Firstborn who are registered in heaven as citizens. And we are brought before GOD the FATHER who is Judge of all and to the spirits of righteous, the redeemed in heaven for we have been made perfect in HIM. We are being brought up with CHRIST who is our Agent and Mediator of the New Covenant which has been sprinkled with HIS blood which speaks mercy of which we all need. HIS blood is nobler and provides a more gracious message than that of Abel which cried out for vengeance. Now, not later but now the GOD of our peace which has been given to us who raised CHRIST JESUS up from the dead the great Shepherd by HIS blood which confirmed; sanctioned; sealed and made valid the everlasting covenant, complete, strengthen and perfect in us what we are to be and equip us with every good thing that we will carry out HIS will, while CHRIST JESUS HIMself, not us, works and accomplishes that which is pleasing in the sight of GOD through CHRIST JESUS for it is for HIM that the glory will be forever. Amen. This should be our prayer.

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