Those who are blood washed in the precious blood of JESUS take on HIS character and never once was JESUS a coward. We are not sinners any longer as so many think of ourselves as being but we are the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. So, being righteous we are never to compromise HIS Truth with lies. Lions by nature are bold, they are accustomed to seizing their prey by force and violence. The scripture in the Word of GOD tells us that the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and that the violent take by force. This scripture is still a part of the Old Testament because JESUS had not yet been crucified so it’s reference is to teach us that GOD is the One who owns HIS ministry and it is still true today. No man, woman or child owns a ministry. GOD is the One who calls those who are truly called into ministry and we are witnesses by the anointing on the ministry. A ministry owned by GOD prepares people for the kingdom of heaven. JESUS is the kingdom of heaven and HE suffered violence on HIS person for all humans. JESUS was taken by force not because the army overtook HIM but because HE allowed it to be so. After, JESUS was crucified and came back to life on the third day and spoke this charge to HIS disciples; to speak the Good News. Today we have pressed into getting the preached Word of JESUS and HIM being crucified and arising from the dead, now sitting on the right hand side of the FATHER preparing a place as HE promised and praying for those who belong to HIM. The children of the Living GOD seem to have grown in fear when and where there is no reason to fear. We don’t remind ourselves that where ever we are to go in the name of JESUS that HE is already there waiting for our arrival or that HE is the One who provides the words that we are to speak and it is by HIS Holy Spirit that we have the power to rise up in JESUS to accomplish every goal and task. Remember, HE said that HE will never leave us or forsake (abandon, depart, desert, leave or quit) us. So, my dearly beloved receive and maintain confidence in the LORD and lose your self-confidence, become bold in the LORD and speak the Word of GOD fearlessly. We will never be put to shame by the LORD JESUS in anything though we may feel foolish by ourselves and others. Be bold because we have the utmost freedom to speak now as we have when we speak about those things in the world that interest us; the MESSIAH will be glorified and magnified and praised in our bodies because we are boldly exalting HIM and not ourselves. If you are naturally shy; don’t have the confidence to speak in public; or experience fear to speak to family, friends, co-workers or schoolmates; pray for the freedom to speak then open your mouth boldly proclaiming the Good News of CHRIST JESUS. Pray that you will speak boldly declaring the Truth as we must do.

We are the ones who are in unity with JESUS through HIS faithfulness. WoW! Did you catch that? It’s not our faithfulness but HIS. Because let’s face it; sometimes we are faithless but JESUS is always faithful. And, because of HIS faithfulness, we have boldness and confidence when we approach our FATHER the Most High GOD. Go boldly, confidently, and fearlessly to the throne of Grace where and who provides HIS children with HIS unmerited (not deserved; obtained without our service) favor. This world is receiving HIS mercy around the clock for our failures, because if the obedient along with the disobedient did not live in HIS mercy many will experience and see the anger HE once exhibited all throughout the Old Testament. The world experiences HIS grace by experiencing good times in those areas of need, HIS help is appropriate and well-timed when and where we need it. My beloved brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS keep in mind that we have HIS confidence and we are free to enter and exit the Holy of Holies which is HIS throne room of grace only because of the blood of JESUS. No longer are we to throw away our confidence in CHRIST JESUS because of our lack of understanding. Understand that the boldness and confidence that we have obtained through HIM carries a glorious and great compensatory reward.

Now, today live in boldness and never fear again.

 Proverbs 28:1; Ps. 53:5; Philippians 1:14, 20; Eph. 6:19, 20; Ephesians 3:12; Heb. 4:16, 10:19, 35


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