A branch if more familiarly known as the arm of a tree or plant. Here, however, because the Word of GOD describes JESUS as the Vine, HE is describing HIS mighty and strong arm. From branches grow or shoot-out fruit or plant life. In the Vine of JESUS grows or shoot-out HIS fruit which is the blood washed CHRISTian.

There are men and women of GOD who shepherd the flock of CHRIST JESUS but many due to their lack of understanding of the grace of GOD destroy and scatter the sheep of HIS pasture. We are losing those who attend weekly worship service to non-sense being preached from the pulpit and though it’s done in ignorance to GOD’s grace those who have not changed their minds as yet to believe and receive the salvation message of grace will leave as well as those who are blood washed believers because they are not being taught the grace, love, and forgiveness of CHRIST. JESUS has already fulfilled the Law so why are we hearing the Law to live by as though JESUS has not done so? Shepherds must take care of sheep not drive them away but bless the LORD of Host who is willing and will go and search for all those who were negligently let go. Bless the LORD GOD that when JESUS collects the lost, HE brings them to a pasture where they will be fruitful and multiply in HIM. CHRIST JESUS is our righteous branch and HE is the only One qualified to execute justice and righteousness.

We are to keep our eyes set on CHRIST JESUS the MESSIAH whose name also is Branch, HE is the only One who is building the true church/temple of the LORD GOD.

JESUS introduces HIMself to everyone but we must choose to believe in who HE is. CHRIST JESUS is the Real/True Vine and the FATHER is the One who dresses the Vine. We must begin and continue to sustain our fruitfulness so that we will not be cut off from the branch because JESUS is continually pruning away and cleaning the branch which does bring forward fruit so that we will be more excellent and richer in HIM. We must choose to invite JESUS in so that HE will live in us and we will live in HIM. CHRIST JESUS is the Vine that we branch from and because we live in HIM and HE in us we have no choice but to grow abundantly as luscious ripe fruit. It’s when we are sinners/non-believers or think that because we’ve read the scriptures many times or because we’ve heard a message before that we leave believing that we know it all yet, our lives are not a demonstration of ripe growth in HIM. We do not recognize that apart from CHRIST JESUS we are incapable of doing anything that will please HIM. Anyone who does not live in CHRIST JESUS is cut off from the FATHER and should the earthly death find you, you will be cast into the fire. However, when we move into CHRIST JESUS and HE moves into us, when we remain in HIS Word from the heart we will be able to ask the FATHER anything in the name of JESUS and receive it. We are not to have JESUS living on the inside of us and become closet CHRISTians, no we are to demonstrate the forgiveness, grace, and love of the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. This is how we show honor and glorify the FATHER as we prove ourselves to be true followers of the MESSIAH. As the FATHER loves the SON, so does the SON love HIS own, so much so that HE gave HIMself to sinners all over the world before we knew anything about him in our heart. So, keep the instructions and commandments given to us in the New Covenant just as JESUS obeyed the instructions and commandments of the FATHER. The Real/True Vine has shared this so that HIS joy and delight will be found in us and that our joy and gladness will be that of a full measure which is complete and overflowing. The commandment that JESUS has given to us is that we are to love our brothers and sisters in the LORD. The LORD JESUS laid down HIS life not only for you but for all mankind and anyone who not only professes but also possess CHRIST JESUS is our brother and sister in HIM. We are not HIS servants but HIS friends and as HIS friends HE shares with us everything that the FATHER has told HIM. Remember, we did not first choose JESUS and HIS righteousness but HE chose us and gave us HIS righteousness.

Joseph is a shadow of JESUS. Joseph was fruitful and his branches ran over the wall. JESUS is fruitful and HIS branches knocked down the wall. Joseph was attacked from within his house and was persecuted outside of his house. JESUS was attacked in HIS home by neighbors and siblings this is why HE could do no great miracles for them. JESUS was attacked by people who tried to stone HIM and they lied on HIM. Joseph remained strong and steady in his faith, he rested on the Strength that did not fail him but made him stronger and more active by the hands of the Almighty GOD. JESUS remained strong and steady and HIS rest on the FATHER did not fail HIM. By the works of HIS hands through HIS FATHER, HE persevered without wavering.

In CHRIST JESUS the backslider is being healed. We are loved freely. There is no anger towards us. We are moistened nightly by the dew which is JESUS. In HIM we will grow and our roots are lengthened because HIS branches spread HIS beauty and there is a sweet fragrance. We are under HIS shadow, we constantly return to be revived and grow in HIM. We will throw away every idol and be fruitful in HIM. The wise understand and the careful and cautious person depend on the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to make known what is the righteous way of the LORD so we will walk according to them.

JESUS is the Vine and we are HIS branches, live in HIM and continue to be fruitful. We are fruitless and can do nothing away from HIM.

Those who are true of faith in CHRIST JESUS are the seeds of Abraham and because we are the seeds of Abraham we are consecrated righteous and are branches. Branches which are cut off from the Vine never did or no longer believe and trust in CHRIST JESUS. These are those who are conceited and prideful. GOD will not spare anyone who is an unbelieving branch. Take notice and appreciate the gracious kindness and that we who trust in JESUS will no longer suffer the severity of GOD: severity is only toward those who have fallen, but GOD will continue to be gracious and show kindness to HIS own. Only GOD through CHRIST JESUS has the power to insert another branch when they no longer live in unbelief in HIS SON. Cease trying to be self-opinionated and trust JESUS because natural logic will never convince us what is only possible through HIM.

Jeremiah 23:1-6, 33:15; Zechariah 6:12-13; John 15:1-17; Gen. 49:22-26; Hosea 14:4-9; John 15:5; Rom. 11:16, 20-25


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