Anyone closely united or associated or resembles another is a band of brothers this includes females as well. In this blog, I will walk us through the beginning of sibling rivalry all the way through to how anyone regardless of where we are born on this planet will link us to be known as brothers. There are two types of brotherhood, one is the birth of a male sibling and the other is the ties which bind us in CHRIST JESUS or of the devil.

The rivalry of siblings began with Cain and Abel and it is with them that we begin to see how sin grows from the original one who was disobedient of the voice of the LORD GOD and ate from the tree which bore fruit that revealed to their conscience the knowledge of good and evil. In their occupation, there was no wrong but in giving of the offering this is where things take a horrific turn for the worse. Cain brought forward his offering but what is missing is faith and a heart for GOD. Cain operated in religion and tradition, he did what had to be done but his heart was far from GOD. We witness this daily, just because people religiously attend church service does not mean that their hearts are knitted to the Living GOD. We will see later in the blog how to recognize a brother. Cain lived a wicked life (Prov.15:8; Is. 1:13). Cain’s offering was that out of an acknowledgment of the Creator. In vegetation, there is no blood. Where is the meat? Cain did not bring out the best of the land, he brought forward what he himself would not consume or anyone else for that matter. Cain performed to look good in the sight of people. Cain was not a humble man, he had confidence in himself. If we study the Pharisees we can see a great resemblance between Cain and them. If Cain’s heart was bent towards GOD why was he so very jealous which led to anger which led to the murder of his brother? Cain hated GOD because of the distinction GOD showed between Abel and himself. And this continues today not only in the natural but in the spiritual as well. Sin never desires that we take a good look at our motives, we rather blame someone else for that which has happened to us negatively. The first sign to look out for is the person who is argumentative which reveals that the person does not possess humility but rather a spirit of anger. They only see themselves as the victim at the hand of others. And, because of this foolish heart, perversion only grows deeper speaking negatively towards the ones they believe wronged them is seen as no problem and speaking evil against what they witness others do which is right in the sight of GOD. People who consider themselves unworthy in GOD because they do not believe that GOD has time for them or will not forgive them are often indignant toward those who are dignified in the sight of GOD. The Pharisees and Cain have a lot in common. Cain is the son of the devil. Now, let’s take a look at Abel who is the son of righteousness because of his faith and lifestyle (Mt. 23:35, Ps. 11:7, 15:8). The countenance of GOD looked on Abel because he was a man who was humble and his heart was bent towards GOD. Abel was a man of prayer. GOD had respect for Abel because he was a holy man. Want to know the fruit look at the tree. If the fruit is good, the tree is good and if the fruit is bad, so also is the tree. GOD will never take notice of what we say and do in the manner as we do. GOD reads the heart of mankind. So what exactly made Abel’s offering to the LORD GOD more acceptable than his brothers? (1) His heart for GOD and HIS righteousness, (2) he lived to please the LORD GOD, (3) he brought forward an offering of atonement, blood sacrifice which is shed for the remission of sin. Thereby, acknowledging that he himself is a sinner and prayed that sin will be removed from him, he was sorrowful for the sin that flowed through his blood knowing that it brought about the anger of GOD. So he implored his favor from the Mediator (JESUS). Abel was careful to bring only the very best to GOD, not anything that he himself cared nothing about. Abel’s offering was done by faith and relationship not in tradition and religion. The sibling rivalry was so strong within Cain that he chose to murder his brother [1Jn.3:12]. But little did he or any of us know that before the discovery [by scientist] of DNA in the blood that our blood actually will speak to GOD and that GOD had already heard the voice of Abel’s blood speaking to HIM. Just because we have been silenced physically our blood continues to speak. And today, cold cases are solved because of the DNA which is left behind, it’s the blood and cells speaking. The one and final witness that will reveal how we died.

As a parent of more than one child, we do have a favorite of them all but we should never show what is in our heart with favoritism because this too will cause great rivalry between the siblings. Rebekah the mother of Esau and Jacob chose to reveal that Jacob was her favorite son and because of this, she set in motion the thought from Esau to meditate in his heart to murder his brother Jacob. As we know Jacob was disguised to feel and smell like his brother who was a hunter. Jacob went into the tent of his father Isaac bringing him his favorite food to eat and after he was satisfied he bestowed upon Jacob the firstborn rites of blessings. We all need to be aware of those who practice deceit learn to recognize it before we are harmed by it.

Today the spirit of the Pharisees and Sadducees are still alive within the brothers. To recognize them we must see who they are and hear what is being said by them. These brothers accuse, gossip and expect everyone to live by the Law of Moses’s standard rather than the grace of GOD. Most times for those of us who attend weekly worship service people will approach another to speak about the affairs of others in the disguise of sharing by saying we need to pray for this person or that knowing full well that this will not occur. They are just church gossipers coming to hear the Word but what they hear either has not entered their heart or does not last long in their heart because they are not doers of the Word but hearers only [Lk. 8:4-8].

Love your brothers/sisters in CHRIST JESUS and those who are our natural siblings. Stop having anger and hatred toward them. We are to forgive those who have wronged us that means that if those who are our natural siblings as well as those who we consider to be our brothers in CHRIST wrong us we are to forgive them four hundred and ninety times per day if we are offended in any way. But if we choose to remain in their presence knowing that they are proned to injure us we must be ready to forgive. It’s acceptable for forgiving but nowhere is it taught that we must remain in the company of those who try to assassinate us emotionally, mentally or physically. Learn to love from afar.

Many people read that JESUS had brothers but don’t want to believe that HIS brothers actually came from HIS mother Mary who was a virgin when she gave birth to her firstborn son. Mary did not remain a virgin, she and her husband Joseph had children together boys and girls [Mt. 13:55-56 and Mrk. 6:3] but only the sons are actually named for us in scripture. These are the actual names of JESUS brothers by HIS mother and earthly adopted/step-father. James, Joses, Simon and Judas and none of them believed in HIM. That is until later.

It’s a hurtful thing when our parents and siblings don’t believe in us and often times it’s our parents and siblings who try to assassinate our dreams, goals, and vision by making fun of us or mocking those things we share with them and they told us that it will not happen. For example, I can recall watching a young boy jump rope outside of his home and his mother began yelling at him telling him to “put the rope down, boys don’t jump rope, you are not a girl.” Now what if this little boy had a dream of becoming a great boxer, don’t boxers jump rope? We must learn to encourage not make a mockery of what we see our brothers do or in what they say.

It’s not for us to understand what is shared by our brothers at all times but in the love that we should have for one another show each other from the heart that we honor one another. Never criticize or look down on our brothers because we despise them for their dreams, gifts, goals, and visions. We all have our very own it’s just that we must recognize them and put them into action. Most of us are critical of others because we have been assassinated by others. But what we have is not lost do what you desired to do but lost your confidence to go through with. Because we have been hurt don’t pass on the hurt that we know all too well, do nothing to cause our brothers to fall. Stop trying to push onto others what works for you in faith because others who love CHRIST JESUS or don’t (unfortunately) in their faith may not believe that what they like and do is a problem for them. What we must learn to do is honor our brothers by not exercising the freedom of that in which we like to do or eat in their company.

Also, we who are in the brotherhood of CHRIST, we all associate with those who are non-believers in CHRIST JESUS there is nothing wrong with this as long as we are influencing them rather then they influencing us. However, if our brothers in CHRIST are habitually living their old life of sin and nothing we say or do in love for them is penetrating their hearts. Cease socializing with them. CHRISTians are a set apart people from non-believers and we must speak and demonstrate the love of CHRIST that we have within our hearts. Always be aware and never allow anyone, CHRISTian or natural brother to push us into an immoral situation that we desire not to be a part of even if we are tempted. We have all been given the instructions to keep far away from any brother in CHRIST JESUS who lives their life as though they have not been bathed in the blood of JESUS, as though they are not forgiven and as though the finished works of CHRIST was unsuitable for their freedom from sin.

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