JESUS the CHRIST endured this for you; HE was crushed by being beaten and by being pounded. JESUS the CHRIST was pressed and squeezed and HIS flesh was broken open by the many stripes HE endured by the whip until the stripes on HIS precious body looked like one huge gaping hole.

Do you know that everything that we listen to and look at for a long time we begin to believe? Anything that we listen to or look at for a short time does not constitute our belief, however, the temptation will come the longer we listen to what others tell us or when we continue to think about that which we have heard. Then we begin to ogle that which we view as attractive and before we know it that which we have listened to and that which we look at will become our temptation. We are tempted by what we know whether we experience them or not because of the unrighteousness within. The temptation we act on is how the fall of mankind began and this is the repeated performance that satan continues in our life because he is aware that it works, so why should he change what is effective? Once we succumb to our temptations most of them we hide from those that we do not want to be made aware of what we are involved with. If our temptation was so awesome, why do we try to hide it from those that we know will not approve? That is until what we have succumbed to now succumbs us and when that happens it will be brought out in the open. Nearly most of all the things we gave attention to became a temptation and was introduced to us by others speaking to us and our looking on a thing for longer than we should. And we never want to take credit for the wrong we chose to do and we begin to blame others. This is the Adamic curse that each and every one of us is born with, this is the fall of mankind, our not believing what GOD has said but believing what satan has said. We are not aware that GOD has cursed satan, that he slithers upon the ground, that he is a dust eater, that GOD has informed him that he is an enemy, he is not a friend, and that he will have animosity towards the woman and the woman will have animosity for him in return because of her Seed. But notice that satan has a seed as well. Through the Seed of the woman, descendants will appear just as the seed of satan will have descendants. Who is the seed of the devil? All of us because we are born in sin, we do not have the faith of Abraham who is the father of faith in what he heard GOD speak to him. What the unrighteous do is this, we do the works of our father [satan] because we are illegitimate children and born out of fornication [even those of us who are born in wedlock] we are not illegitimate by being conceived in marriage by our parents, we are illegitimate spiritually because we have no direction and void of CHRIST JESUS. If truly our FATHER is the Almighty Living GOD we would be in love with CHRIST JESUS and respect HIM. We would openly and gladly welcome HIM and HIS Word. CHRIST JESUS is the very image and presence of GOD because HE came out of the invisible GOD to be visible. CHRIST was not self-appointed to come in all HIS grace and truth to set us free from the bondage of sin. CHRIST was sent forward to us. We misunderstand the Word of GOD because we try to understand HIS Word out of our logic. And because the unrighteous are unable to understand the grace and truth who is CHRIST JESUS they don’t want to listen to HIS message. Their ears are dull of hearing grace and truth and will accept a lie every time because they do not know a lie when they hear them and see them. I know many of you who are unrighteous don’t want to believe that your father is the devil and that you will do what he wants you to do. Lust and the gratification of the flesh are the very characteristics of the desires you have from him your father the devil [satan]. The devil is a murderer and he has been so since the very beginning he is absolutely void of the truth. Every time he opens his mouth and speaks to humankind it’s a lie because this is his nature. How does the devil speak to humans? In the mind is how he communicates with humans. It’s his playground. The devil is a liar and lying is natural to the unrighteous because the devil is the father of lies. CHRIST JESUS is grace and truth and all HE does is speak the truth but the unrighteous don’t want to hear HIM. And even when they hear HIM they doubt HIM, they don’t have trust in HIM as they should. No matter how many times they try to find in the Word of GOD about the wrongdoings of JESUS they will never find them because in HIM is no wrongdoing, wrong thinking or wrong speaking. HE will never be found guilty of sin no matter what they decide to listen to, believe and repeat in their speaking. Those of us who have decided to listen to and believe are the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. We are a child of the living GOD because we desire to hear the words of GOD. So what is the reason that the unrighteous do not listen to the truth of CHRIST JESUS? It’s because they do not belong to the Almighty GOD, they are not in harmony with HIM and they are not of the Everlasting GOD. Before the unrighteous come to CHRIST JESUS we are masters of deception and recklessness, the unrighteous are unable to determine all that is right, the unrighteous are filled with doubt and hesitation to the truth and are wicked all because they are sons of the devil. The unrighteous are the enemies of that which is upright and good in their sight and hearing. They are unable to cease from perversion and they make that which is right crooked, always plotting against the truth and grace without even knowing it. Sinners are of the devil and that is who we are until we choose to believe in GOD and HIS Word, HIS SON CHRIST JESUS. The devil is a sinner from the beginning. It is for this purpose that JESUS came, HE was clearly visible, HE came to destroy the works of the devil and successfully HE did so. But it is because the unrighteous do not believe that HE did and so the power of sin continues to reign in the mortal bodies of sinners not those who are made righteous to GOD through CHRIST JESUS. Who is the Seed of the woman? From the once virgin Mary, this is who she when she conceived by the Holy Spirit, this is who she was, one who never experienced sexual intercourse until after the birth of her Son JESUS. This blessed woman gave birth to the Savior of the world. The name given to HIM is GOD with us. Joseph the step-father, after the eighth day from the birth of IMMANUEL, HE was circumcised and named by HIS step-father through obedience of what was told to him by the angel of the LORD, HE is to be called JESUS. JESUS is the Seed of the woman. JESUS CHRIST who is the GOD of peace bruised/crushed the head of satan under HIS feet. And so it is, that satan is enraged with Mary and he went to war with her Offspring JESUS and lost. So he has turned his attention to those who are the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS because we have HIS testimony.

The unrighteous need to hear and believe that JESUS side was pierced and that from HIM, HIS blood and water came out. JESUS was wounded not because HE is a sinner because there is no sin in HIM but because we are the sinners we are the criminals. JESUS was crushed/bruised because of our unrighteousness. JESUS was punished/disciplined so that we can become whole. And it is by the bruises, the deep cuts/lacerations on HIS back that crushed HIM so that all the stripes HE received left a huge gaping hole. And because of that, we are healed. It was pleasing to the LORD to crush HIM with illness to see if HE would present HIMSELF as our guilt offering. And because HE did we HIS legitimate offspring’s are seen by HIM and we are the ones who prolong HIS days. It is by the hand of the LORD that everything desired is accomplished sin from us. After three days CHRIST JESUS rose from the grave because of our justification in HIM. For no one else was or is able to die for us to evict sin.

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