Bye bye old, hello new

Hebrews 8

Why is it such a challenge for us to send the old on its way and accept and enjoy the new? For me I’m a creature of habit; I don’t like change but the change I don’t like is change that to me seems so unnecessary. Change like transistor radios for big boom boxes; being taught to call certain items one thing and now folk want to correct you and lastly but certainly not least on my list of things is; vinyl records being turned into compact discs [CD’s]. I’m sure that I’m not the only one out there that does not adapt well to change and you folks that are leave us slow people alone; we’ll get there; eventually. However, there is a good change that comes from the LORD and that too can be a wee bit difficult at times. What I’ve found out for me is that when I know that I need to conform to something that I saw in the bible; first thing I’ve always done was to pray saying “LORD, I wanna be like that; in JESUS name.” I knew that eventually that would work because I had a wonderful grandmother who seemed to me to be fearless and compassionate and a woman of her word at least with me. I used to go around mumbling I’m gonna be like her one day for years. And when I got in my twenties people would say to me that knew my grandmother, you are just like your grandmother. That’s when I knew I had arrived; no one would ever get away with just saying things to me because they thought they could. After she went home to really live the life fantastic; I found myself in a tail spin. She was my friend; I could share anything with her and she would actually listen to me; who can I share my inner most thoughts with now? And as usual I turned to what I had known since I was seventeen. Only this time the Word is illuminating itself in my spirit. I’m seeing words that I’ve read a thousand times; yet, I’ve never really seen them. So, just as I did when I was a kid I began to say “JESUS, I wanna be like that, in JESUS name.” Sometimes I messed up by trying to change on my own and got frustrated but I did not do that when I was saying that I wanna be like my grandmother; it just happened. When I stopped intervening JESUS began to change me from the inside out. JESUS is the same yesterday, today and forever. HE wanted to get us from under the pressure and stress of trying to get it right because with the old covenant it was impossible to fulfill the demands of the law. Let’s look at it this way, the speed limit is 25mph and you get pulled over for driving 26mph and receive a ticket just for going 1mph over the speed limit. After all the law is clear 25mph not 26mph. Now here comes compassion, grace and mercy; you are allowed to drive 5mph over the speed limit but if you do 31mph in a 25mph more than likely you will be pulled over or have your picture taken courtesy of the police department. See the old covenant will not offer any help all it does is point its finger at you and if you don’t ascribe to its way then you are guilty; the law is judgmental there is no room to be an individual; you must think, say and do as the law demands. The law is forever telling us what to do but is never willing to show us how to get it done. Know any people like this? However the new covenant is nothing like that Praise the LORD GOD! JESUS is compassionate, graceful and merciful. JESUS has a more excellent ministry above all the rest; past, present and future. HE speaks up on our behalf because HE has cancelled out the old and provided a new and better covenant for HIS people. This covenant supersedes the old because it has power, authority and is effective. This new covenant has pushed aside the old covenant and made it useless, it’s been voided out it an obsolete thing. The new covenant has succeeded where the old covenant could not. JESUS is such a super awesome GOD; see before HE wrote on stone now HE writes in our mind and on our hearts; HE is our GOD and we are HIS people. Eventually all will come to know the LORD from the least of them to the greatest of them. Now don’t misunderstand this; don’t read too much into this. This does not translate into everyone will be saved; everyone will finally accept me. Don’t fool yourself or tell anyone that you found in the Word of GOD where everyone will be saved or that Elder Shawn wrote that everyone will be saved. That simply is not true and that is not what HE said. Everyone will know HIM because everyone will see HIM when HE returns. Those that belong to HIM will be caught up in the air with HIM and those who don’t belong to HIM will be taking the down elevator; location hell. Out of so much that I’ve written get this if you get nothing else. JESUS is merciful to our unrighteousness; yes, the saved darlings have unrighteousness but guess what our sins and our lawless deed JESUS will remember no more. Remember, I wrote that JESUS speaks up for those who belong to HIM. So, when the FATHER looks down at us all HE sees is HIS precious SON’s blood dripping from every part of our being. And the Great Judge says not guilty. LORD GOD I’m ready to do a praise dance up in here; up in here. I tell you love ones you gotta follow the instructions of Debbie Allen and Whitley Gilbert. Relax, Relate and Release. We are all going to come through this together; just allow JESUS to work on us the way HE sees fit and keep your hands out of it; self effort is what causes stress. be still

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