Counsel / Counselor – Part II


A person who walks in the wisdom of GOD will offer counsel that he/she hears from the Holy Spirit. If the hearer will only listen and adhere to the advice GOD will be with him/her. We should never even partake of food or beverage without first consulting the LORD.

All of us have to face difficult decisions from time to time in our life. And we should never make rash decisions in a rush. Go before the LORD and inquire of HIM. Ask and listen to HIS voice which will be backed up by HIS Word, if it takes us day and night or several days, so be it. If we are facing a deadline and we do not hear an answer to our question seek out godly counsil from at least three people. In this, we are looking for consistency in their answers. Be advised that there will be times when we will not hear the voice of GOD on the day that we ask. But that does not mean that HE did not hear us, we are to listen for HIS voice or after a time period ask the counsel of others.

Wouldn’t you like to be among those that hear the counsel of GOD? If our answer is yes, don’t rely on our own wisdom. GOD’s friendship remains to HIS own even in our old age HIS counsel will not fade. It’s when we have grown ripe in an age that the younger should come to us for counsel and we provide wisdom that can only come from GOD people will listen. But when we offer counsel out of our own dark wisdom that holds no knowledge, it’s proof of our foolishness. We rush into decisions because we did not understand the total scope of what we are about to enter into. And whammo, we become stressed and don’t want to admit that our decision was without counsel.

Don’t listen to those that dole out ungodly counsel, keep away from their plans and don’t consider what their purpose is. We must cease from asking ourselves and expecting intelligent answers to come forward. Our thoughts are not like the thoughts of GOD nor can we see as HE sees. Trust in the LORD with all our might and lean not on our own understanding, when we do so we will bless the LORD who provides us with HIS counsel. And in those times when it seems as though we can’t see our way out of the darkness HE will instruct our heart. This we can be assured of that the counsel of the LORD never weakens and will stand strong forever from generation to generation and throughout eternity. The Holy Spirit will guide us in His counsel.

Beloved, come to know skillful and godly counsel which is the wisdom of GOD through HIS Holy Spirit. In doing so we will gain comprehension, discernment, insight, and understanding. We will be instructed in how to deal wisely in our affairs through discipline and thoughtfulness in righteousness, justice, and integrity. When we live in godly counsel we grow in knowledge, discretion, and discernment. Listening to the counsel of the LORD increases our learning. We won’t be naïve by double jargon or unable to understand a contract. Do we know that the beginning of godly counsel from the Holy Spirit is to reverently respect not only GOD and or the Holy Spirit but CHRIST JESUS as well? We all have a free will, two eyes if they have sight, two ears if they have the ability to hear and one mouth if it’s not mute. We need to use our eyes to see, not what we want to see but to see all around us. We need to use our ears, not to just hear but to listen. And we need to use our mouth to speak that which is right. In all these components we should not be led astray by wicked and perverse people in following that which will cause us harm. When we don’t compromise ourselves we receive an unbreakable and confidential communion through the secret counsel of GOD. Be a possessor of godly counsel, sound knowledge with understanding in the power of HIS might. We need a multitude of godly counselors because it’s in this mentorship that gains safety and accomplishments. Listen to counsel and receive instruction, do not be defensive because we are being corrected. The LORD only desires the best for us and HIS purpose will come to pass in our life. Have you ever found yourself telling something to someone that you never had any intention of sharing, yet, the hidden thing has been revealed? It’s because the person who walks in the counsel of the godly is anointed to draw out those secret things. We don’t have the ability to be wise, to counsel or to understand in and of ourselves because we can’t overcome the will of GOD. A true friend will counsel a friend in truth and not give counsel for which is in want to be heard.

We should desire that we operate in the counsel that is within us because the Holy Spirit now resides in us instead of just visiting as He did in days of old. In His wisdom, we are giving counsel and understanding in His power and through His knowledge, we learn to have reverential respect and fear which does not include dread. Instead, it draws us to become obedient to our LORD. And we don’t have to beg for His counsel all we need do is ask for it and have an ear to listen. Cease from clouding our minds with intoxicants be they alcoholic beverage or any type of drugs because they affect the mind and our clarity. How can we listen to the voice of Wisdom who provides us with His counsel if we are inebriated? It is His desire to teach us in His knowledge and to give to us the ability to understand His message. Stop being rebellious and taking our own counsel or the council of others which lead to failure instead of taking counsel from GOD so that we are victorious. The children of the living GOD sometimes when we become rebellious, decide to do our own thing and for a season it appears as though we have done a good thing. Finally, we will notice that we have stepped away from GOD. But, don’t fret, we serve a faithful GOD even in the times when we are faithless. HE will confirm HIS Word in us and apply an action to HIS counsel, HE will restore us and raise us up from the ruins. So, turn your backs on the gods that we unwittingly serve. Return to the only true and living GOD who is our Savior because there are no other gods besides HIM. The council of GOD will continue to stand because it’s impossible to stop all the pleasures and purposes that HE has in store for us. GOD has placed on purpose HIS desire and it will come to pass in our lives.

Let us stand in the council of our LORD, listen to HIS Word, give attention, notice and observe then do that which HE has counseled us to do. Listening and obeying the council of our GOD will cause us to turn from our wicked ways. And when we listen and obey to the council of our GOD we will see the greatness that is GOD for HIS counsel and wonderful deeds for us and in us. Because we are using our spiritual and natural eyes to see the ways of sinful nature in mankind. Understand that the righteous and sinful human will be given his/her reward or payment which has been earned according to the fruit of their deeds.

Sinners do not and never will know or understand the thoughts of CHRIST JESUS. However, when the righteous hear and begin to execute HIS plans we too think them to be crazy but in faith, we do as we have been counseled to do by HIM. Remember how Noah was ridiculed for building the ark all because rain had never occurred. Don’t worry about what people say regarding our obedience to our GOD. They will not be around long to heckle us. In the lives of those chosen by CHRIST JESUS, HE is building the true temple of GOD. HE is bearing the honor and glory and HE is sitting on the throne. HE is the only begotten of the FATHER, HE is our High Priest, HE is our Counselor of Peace, and HE alone holds the office of KING and Priest.

JESUS CHRIST counseled a man who came to HIM asking HIM about what works he must perform to possess eternal life. HALLELUJAH! We no longer have to perform/work to obtain eternal life because JESUS did all the work HIMself. We are getting this passage of scripture confused with how we are to live in HIM. We never consider that when JESUS counseled this man that JESUS was living during the times when the law of Moses which HE wrote and gave to him was still active. But that covenant is no longer required. We need to be thankful that we no longer have to prove our worthlessness according to performance which is the law of Moses which is the law of death that no person was able to keep.

So here is the recap to all which has been written, the bottom line is that is to recall to remembrance the following.

  1. Don’t make hasty and premature judgments.
  2. We are in union with CHRIST JESUS and have been given an inheritance. We were chosen in advance by the counsel of HIS will.
  3. GOD’s desire is to show us which is more convincingly and beyond all doubt HIS unchangeable counsel with us.
  4. CHRIST JESUS counsel to us that we take from HIM so that we may be rich and clothed in HIS glory so we no longer will be ashamed and to rub onto our eyes HIS salve so that we may obtain sight.

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