From the beginning of our life, we have all participated in gathering together willingly or unwillingly. As babes and kids in our parents/guardians care we don’t have a willingness to assemble where we must go; we just go because we are told to go or because we have no say in the matter. We assemble at family and friend’s homes; at the sitters or day-care; in school and at work. The one place where we are encouraged to not miss out on is the place assembling together is most misunderstood. Let me make this clear, none of us attends church because people are the church and the church are the believers in CHRIST JESUS. We attend worship service where we all collectively are to meet in a location to worship CHRIST JESUS and be encouraged by one another. There are many reasons why people leave the place of worship in our local area. Maybe I will help us all understand the reasons why we desert attending worship service.

  1. We think that we are in church, but the church is not in us.
  2. We don’t understand that assembling in any place collectively to worship CHRIST JESUS is encouraged.
  3. We don’t understand that assembling in any place collectively to encourage one another is a plus to our spirit man.
  4. We think that we have left the church when in truth we have left the assembly of worship and encouragement.
  5. We are uncomfortable being assembled among believers in CHRIST JESUS because we don’t have a relationship with CHRIST JESUS.
  6. Everywhere we are as believers we must encourage others especially our siblings in CHRIST JESUS.
  7. We are lulled into becoming comfortable in being absent from meeting in our local place of worship and before we know it, we have deserted ourselves from assembling ourselves from the company of our siblings in CHRIST JESUS.
  8. We have purchased the lie that there is nothing but hypocrites or we cease attending the local assembly because someone has caused us to become irritated or hurt. Yet, we don’t cease from going to work when the same excuses exist where we are employed.
  9. We don’t feel love among those we have assembled with. Don’t rely on the love of people, rely on the love of the FATHER and CHRIST JESUS. People will come around eventually once they have learned this as well.
  10. We are guilt-ridden about our lifestyle or we believe that we have the appropriate clothing to wear. Hog-wash! Come as you are and keep coming; learn and allow CHRIST JESUS to clean us from the inside out.
  11. We are waiting for others to encourage us; why don’t we encourage others first?

These are just a few that I can think of as to why we desert, forsake and leave the assembling of ourselves from worshipping in the local building designated for meeting and being and getting encouragement.

Hebrews 10:25


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