Beloved children of the living GOD we have a fire burning within us and the location of that fire is in the middle of our being where our heart is. This fire burns just as it did when Moses saw the bush that was consumed by fire in the middle yet, the bush was not consumed. Our fire is eternal within us and because this fire burns we are able to do all that our GOD has said we can do and we are just who HE said we are. This fire has burned up all the sin that is within us, this fire illuminates every area that was once overtaken by darkness and wickedness. Even that fool of a thief, he himself, his demons and his blind human subjects must repay us for all that he has stolen from us with interest. That’s right, not only are we to be reimbursed in full for what we paid or it’s worth but we will be given double. So if our automobile has been stolen or vandalized and it’s new, we are to demand from the enemy that which we paid, or the blue book value and double for the emotional trauma we endured. For example 14,000 + 14, 000 = 28,000. Don’t ever allow satan off the hook because he is the one who orchestrates everything negative. As for you most beloved of GOD be aware that though we are irrevocably saved by our LORD CHRIST JESUS that it is still possible for us to commit sin. We must surround ourselves with people who are like-hearted in the faith of CHRIST JESUS. Why is this necessary? We all are familiar with birds of a feather flock together. Well, it’s no different for humans, when we spend most of our time with those who do not follow the teachings of CHRIST JESUS we are most likely to return to what we know in the flesh because we were influenced by worldly desires. If we don’t desire to be consumed by our fleshly nature stick with fellowshipping among our brothers and sisters of the faith. I’m not writing that we must ignore those who are still living in the dark, far from it but we are not to spend all of our time among those who live as they want by doing what they want to do with no consciousness of wrong being stirred up within them. They that continue to rebel and scoff against GOD’s most holy Word who came in the flesh will be consumed for the sinners they are. So, be careful not to allow those that we love and like who do not belong to CHRIST JESUS to influence us but influence them by our conduct and speech which is our character and integrity. This is what gives us hope and that we should share with anyone that we know or come in contact with that the LORD GOD’s compassion for humans has not ended and that HIS grace is not exhausted. If it were not for JESUS loving-kindness towards us, we would all remain hopeless and suffer the punishment that we all so rightly deserve in hell and the lake of fire. But we were not created to be far from our heavenly FATHER and Creator, we were created to experience eternally the grace and mercy that originates from the FATHER. The LORD JESUS is not like HIS creation man in that HE is apt to change HIS mind at a moment’s notice. HIS promises are never changing and this is the reason HE has not consumed with destruction all those who oppose HIM.

When anyone sees us coming they should be able to see GOD’s glory within us, this consuming fire that burns away all impurities. Seeing CHRIST JESUS approaching within us should cause them to fear the consuming fire and make them aware that the gods they serve are not the true and living GOD of heaven, earth and beneath the earth, that HE alone is our Creator and Savior. And that HE refuses to share HIS glory with any creation. Everyone who has the consuming fire within them knows that before they go that the LORD will be there before them and devour whatever is not like HIM. So fear not, for the LORD our GOD is with us. Because our GOD indeed is a consuming fire.

Exodus 3:2, 22:6; Numbers 16:26; Isaiah 1:28, 29:20; Lamentations 3:22; Malachi 3:6; Exodus 24:17; Deuteronomy 4:24, 9:3; Hebrews 12:29


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