Previously I wrote a blog entitled “Overcomes” that illustrated how we are the ones who have overcome through CHRIST JESUS. Today, I will like to illustrate just how CHRIST JESUS became our overcomer so that we could overcome.

When we read the Old Testament which is any part of the bible that has to do with life pre-crucifixion of JESUS. Everything was covered with a veil, with shadows, parables, illustrations and as we say a figure of speech. But then there came a time when JESUS said that HE will no longer speak to HIS chosen vessels any longer in that manner. We know who the chosen vessels are, don’t we? They are HIS children, disciples, students, and followers those that obey HIS will. So, it is right here that HE tells us that we no longer need anyone to go to the FATHER for us on our behalf. We can go to the FATHER ourselves because HE loves us just because we love HIS beloved SON JESUS. And we believe that JESUS came from the FATHER GOD.

Now, this is something we all must get a grip on and not get it twisted. JESUS is our peace because we are in HIM and HE is within us, please don’t forget this. We are in this cold and sinful world but we are not of this cold and sinful world any longer. This place is not our home but we do have dual citizenships here in our native country of natural birth and spiritual birth. The place of spiritual birth takes precedence over the natural, and our flesh and our spirit are always at war with one another. People press up against people, and we must recognize whose doing the attack the flesh person or the spirit of the enemy within the person. The enemy uses people to attack but please don’t assume that every attack is from the enemy. We must recognize the enemy, sometimes we blame the enemy for things when he is nowhere in sight and it’s actually us or the person that is the problem. Recognize the tribulation because we are going to have them, JESUS never said or promised that once we believed in HIM that we would be skipping through a field of tulips or walking on a bed of roses and smelling a continual sweet smelling aroma. What we need to learn to do is that when tribulation comes is to cry if we need to, scream if we need to (not at anyone hopefully) but while doing so never ever let go of the hand of JESUS, remember that HE is right there with us in that tribulation. Remember, that during that tribulation we are still blessed in the midst of the storm and HE has not forgotten us. Worship JESUS, because satan and his demons are watching as well as those around us and it’s the time of tribulation that is the proven ground that will demonstrate just how much of a CHRISTian we are. Just how much of a disciple, student, follower and the one who obeys JESUS regardless.

Peter warns us to not put our hope and to be watchful for leaders and anyone who give false hope and promises. If our leaders are rich/wealthy than those that are being taught by those leaders and I mean every person should be rich/wealthy as well, no one should be in lack, broke, busted and disgusted with the leaders and neighbors because the money is hitting some and not everyone. Leaders are to speak in a plain language that everyone should be able to understand and if you lack an education get into the bible study and ask those questions because this is the place that you can get your questions answered. Also, leaders should be teaching and example setters of only those things that they themselves have overcome. No leader can speak on the heartbreak of being a widow(er) if he/she has never been one. No leader can speak on being a virgin until marriage or abstaining if you are not a virgin or experienced abstinence for yourself before getting married if you are not a virgin. In other words, if you as a leader have a challenge in your life and you have not been delivered, leave that topic alone because you yourself are not living a life of liberty but depravity and you are transferring the spirit of depravity onto your congregation. We come to JESUS because we no longer wanted to be enslaved by those conditions that kept us bound. This is why and how some people return back to their slop/vomit because they know the way or righteousness but they see it as a way of impossibility but I’m here to tell you it’s not. JESUS is our Overcomer! Not our leaders. Look to JESUS!!

We are of our FATHER GOD and we are HIS children so we have already overcome. JESUS is within us and we are within JESUS. JESUS is greater than anything imaginable, there is nothing too large, too small, whether we know the name of smoothing or not is of no consequence to JESUS, even the location is not a problem to JESUS because HE is greater than what is in the world.

If you believe in your heart, received in your spirit, been blood washed, confessed with your mouth, not ashamed of JESUS then you have been born of the FATHER GOD and an overcomer as JESUS is in this world. Our faith in CHRIST JESUS is the victory that we have and at no time should we ever be stricken of this fact. So, maybe you need to ask yourself from time to time or ask another spiritual sibling to help keep him or her on their toes, who is he/she that overcomes the world? You may be surprised at the response, but you make sure that when you ask yourself that question that your reply will always be “I believe that JESUS is the SON of GOD/ the highest GOD/the true living GOD.  

John 16:25-27, 33; 2 Peter 2:20; 1 John 4:4, 5:4-5


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