Character: Part 8

1 Corinthians 3:13; 5:33; 10:23

     I love babies. Not just because they are new and full of life and hope for the future. It’s because they ever remind me that life in the natural and life in the spirit is a process.

     Take notice, when a baby is born you will hear the babe cry, I’ve been told that some babes come into this world with eyes open and silent. The Dr. can tell that the babe is breathing well, however what joy it brings to the mother when she hears for the first time her babe cry. Then we notice that the babe has a natural ability to suckle, within the hour of birth the nurse will direct the mother to feed her new child. Those were the first steps toward the process of natural life for the human once born.

     There really is no difference when we come to JESUS. I’ve not met many people who when accepting JESUS that have not cried or laughed for joy. I don’t know many people who after accepting JESUS are not willing to share JESUS with others. This is the first steps toward the process of spiritual life for us.

     The process never ends in the natural until we leave this earth and the process never ends for the CHRISTian even though we will leave this earth for heaven. If in our character we don’t change, we will remain babies still searching for milk and grabbing at whatever makes us feel good. Babies don’t stay on milk as matters of fact babies don’t remain babies. They grow up and so should we. Their appetites change and so should ours. They immolate what has been taught to them in the natural be it evil or kind and we likewise should immolate what we are being taught in the spiritual which is always good. It is GOD alone who is good.

     We must discontinue viewing ourselves as if we are important within ourselves and other are beneath us. We are nothing without JESUS and any growth that we have obtained was done because of HIM and not us. We are to encourage one another in love and not judgment as we grow into the character of JESUS.

     Each and every human that has breath in their body is a servant of good or evil. Those who have accepted JESUS into the heart has made it a house for GOD. When we refuse to grow in positive character the foundation for which our character is built on is no good. GOD provided the foundation that we needed. JESUS is the only good foundation by which we can build. We must first inventory the materials that must be removed and thrown away and evaluate the materials that we will replace the old with. Take precious care that we choose the correct materials needed because our character will be put into some tough situations and we must be able to stand. If we use motives or materials that are not inspected and provided to us by JESUS and we use what has been provided to us within our own nature those motives and materials are considered cheap and worthless.

     When trials of life come; are you able to stand the pressure? Will you refer back to your old nature of character or will you rely on the nature given to you by JESUS?

     When we are in right standing with JESUS because of our character we can deal with the insanity around us. Without evil motives we can judge rightly as we are given a right to do amongst ourselves in pure love to confront sin amongst us. As we would want sin to be confronted; should it be witnessed by our brother or sister in CHRIST? I understand that we don’t attack sin as we ought because we have grown into the, it’s your thing do what you wanna do lifestyle and it not your concern. This is so far from the truth. This is one reason why it’s difficult for the world to come to JESUS. We are allowing the same filth that goes on outside of the body of CHRIST to take place within the body of CHRIST. We must walk in the authority given to us in CHRIST JESUS. We must attack sin within the power given to us who is JESUS.

     We are not to allow anyone to reduce JESUS by any measure when they claim to be a part of the body of CHRIST. We are to rise in JESUS not bring JESUS down to our level. We must not allow anything to go within us or in the body. We must stop tolerating sin from anyone who claims to be a CHRISTian.

     Now before I conclude, let me make this very clear. We are not to beat up our brothers and sisters in CHRIST. We are not to compete with our brothers and sisters in CHRIST. We are not to become self-righteous towards our brothers and sisters in CHRIST. We are to love them into correctness. If after we have spoken with them in private and or we take them before the Pastor of the church in which that person attends or we never cease in our prayer that they will come into the correct character of JESUS. Then we are to simple cut them off until they have chosen to get right with GOD. Of the 3 suggestion which are biblical we should never stop praying for their deliverance. Once they have made amends with GOD and decide to come back into the fold and to your companionship accept that person with open arms.

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