You decide


I continually express to my daughter and her husband that telling children to “do as I say and not as I do” is not the proper way to teach anyone, especially our children. The proper way to teach is to “do as I do”. This principle works no matter where we are, it works in the schools, at our place of employment, while shopping and so forth. We may not see the results immediately, however, I guarantee you that the principle works. We are the ones who must decide to do what is right regardless of the outcome that we see. You would be surprised to find out that what we demonstrate to others is actually being demonstrated by them with others without our knowledge. Do not allow our opportunities to demonstrate our faith in CHRIST JESUS to pass us by. Whether it is showing by example how to be polite, offering a helping hand, speaking and smiling with others, or to take a stand in our no longer participating in affairs that we once enjoyed but no longer have a desire to be a part of. We do not have to preach a sermon. Just be clear and precise that you no longer want to participate and be done with it.

Nehemiah 4:6 Build up strong ethics for yourself with the help of CHRIST JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit. People are watching and taking notice. When people notice that we have a determination to live by the principles given to us by GOD, they will become attracted to that. People are never attracted by what we say permanently rather they are attracted to what they can see and if by what they see lines up with what we are saying, then and only then will it be retained permanently. People will want to spend time with us when they can see that our life is not hypocritical. So, to sum all of this up work with the determination in the Holy Spirit to reflect the character and the integrity which is a lifestyle, not a performance.


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