Character: Part 9

Colossians 4:5-6, 12

      By nature I’m an introvert. I enjoy listening to what people have to say, when they have something worth listening to that is. I most often than not will just listen and not have anything to say about whatever the subject matter is. This is because I am learning about the person or the people about me. When asked how is it that I’m ahead of what someone is doing, I inform them it’s because I listen to what is coming from their mouth as well as listening to what is not coming from their mouth.

     In other words a person is known by what is said and what is done. In our speech we try to impress another but our motive is often the true character of the person. For example, let’s take a group of people who are conversing and smiling with one another. A couple of acquaintances from the group leave. Everyone may think that the conversation was wonderful and that the two or more that left were a delight. Only to find out later that they felt the conversation was a bore and so was the speaker. The true motives were in their body language but most often we don’t pick up on that because we are not true listeners.

     We must be attentive to everyone and everything. We must not miss opportunities to share JESUS with those who don’t know HIM. We don’t always have to share HIM verbally we can share HIM in our character. More people are aware that I’m a minister from my character than by my witnessing to them through my speech. I always do this, ask how is it that they know that I’m a minister, I did not tell you. And the answer is always the same someone else told them because of how they felt around me or because I don’t step out of character to fit in. I just present myself lovingly.

     Incorporate praying tirelessly into your life. You may be thinking, how am I to pray all day, I have other things to do. It’s so simple you will wonder why you never thought of it that way. First understand that pray is just conversation between you and GOD. Secondly you can speak with HIM just like you speak with anyone else. You don’t get on your knees to speak with other so don’t think that you are only praying if you are on your knees. You speak with yourself and answer for that matter why not take self out of the picture and view yourself speaking with GOD and listen for HIM to answer. You speak to an inanimate object or to others in cars while in traffic thought they can’t hear you. Why not speak with GOD who can hear you? These are forms of prayer. So you see, you can pray all day and do so without drawing attention. You will know or should know when you really need to be alone in your prayer closet with GOD for deep prayer.

     Be firm; mature and confident in everything that GOD wants you to do. This includes building on your character.

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