The Entire Armor Of GOD

Yesteryear Full Armor of GOD


Ephesians 6:14-17

Family, are we all suited and booted for the day?

It does not matter if we are having a lay-in, our bodies are not as healthy as we desire or undesired. It does not matter about our finances for today, or any other concerns that we all have had, do have or will have. If we are not properly fitted to put on and never take off the armor that we were given to wear, we will remain defeated. Why is this? Because the armor’s job is designed to protect our flesh. To get to the most critical and precious parts of our flesh the enemy aims for a spot and if it is uncovered from the proper armor or no armor that outer wound may become an inner wound that has damaged our organs and our survival rate may be lower than it could be had we had our armor on.

Police wear armor. However, what I have noticed with each Peace Officer I have encountered, their armor all so known as Bullet Proof Vests does not fit properly on their bodies. I notice that much of the abdomen, sides, and back beneath the vest are exposed. I believe that each Peace Officer does not know how to request a properly fitting vest or does not want the correct fit for the proper protection the vest was designed to give.

GOD has tailored full body armor for each of HIS children that we are to put on and never remove. Can we or anyone else see our armor? Nope, because our armor is spiritual and we put our armor on by faith, not by sight. We must go to the book of Ephesians chapter six and first see our armor and how it will protect us. Then by faith, we are to pick up and dress just as we normally do with our material garments and begin to put each piece of the armor onto our bodies. What will be different, however, is this helpful hint. As we begin to put on our specially designed fitted just-for-you body armor we must speak audibly about what we are putting on and why. Also, as I have written our body armor is specifically fitted just for us individually, so if we grow so does the armor, if we gain or lose weight, no worries the armor will continue to fit us comfortably. Nothing destroys this armor. After we have put on all of our GOD-given armor put on whatever clothes we desire to wear, our body armor will not interfere with our outer garments.

Now, let us examine the armor that GOD has specifically tailored just for you, the fitting is especially for you but not the design or purpose of the armor. So, here we go.

The first thing to know is that to receive this armor a special order must be given to our “Tailor” who is GOD our FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Meaning, you must be a part of the family, if you do not believe in JESUS, GOD will not have an order for the armor. Next, we must become strong in The LORD and in the power of HIS force, freedom/liberty, power, and strength.

Today’s torso armor undershirt

Okay, now that the preliminary is done let us go forward with why we desperately need to be assigned full body armor.

  1. Put on the whole armor of GOD.

This armor will help us in truthful speech and in the power of GOD with the weapons of righteousness on the right hand and on the left. To be able to stand against all the schemes of the devil, during the day and at night while we are sleeping. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood. We wrestle against principalities and power. We wrestle against the rulers of this darkness during this present generation and time. We are wrestling with spiritual hosts of wickedness who are in the air.

  1. Pick up and put on the entire armor of GOD.

Because the weapons of our warfare are not the weapons of the world. Instead, they have the divine power to demolish strongholds. But we need to be suited and booted with and in the proper attire. It is today and it is tonight that is evil that we must withstand.

Now we get to see what our body armor looks like and when worn properly the function.

Today’s full-body armor suit
  • Bind the waist with Truth.

Much like a corset/girdle, waist trainer, or belt. We must first put/bind our waist with the belt or whatever we ask the FATHER to design for us a belt, corset/girdle, or waist trainer with the truth which will work in this manner. Righteousness is the belt of our lumbar/ lower back and Faithfulness is the belt of our waist.

  • Put on the Breastplate of Righteousness.

We have a light that burns brightly within us. There is no darkness within us, and we do not desire to go to places where darkness resides. We are people of the day and no longer people of the night of evil and wickedness. This Breastplate that we are to wear activates our faith and love, especially in tough times or when we are around people that can agitate or irritate us when our armor has either been taken off or never put on.

  • Put on your feet the Gospel of Peace.

Wherever we go we are carriers of The Gospel of Peace. Just because all of us have not been called to be apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, or teachers. But all of us have been called to be ministers of CHRIST JESUS because we are HIS disciples, we are to follow HIM, we are to listen to HIM, and we are to obey HIM. Our feet will become beautiful in the eyes of our FATHER because we are sharing not only our testimonies but we are sharing JESUS and inviting others to JESUS. This is what is called Good News, Glad Tidings, the proclaiming of peace and salvation, letting people know that our GOD Reigns!

  • Take your Shield of Faith.

It is designed to extinguish and put out flames which are those fiery darts that are shot at us in the form of lies. Accusations about us that we know to be false such as blaming you for things you either know nothing about or that you do know by your witnessing what was said directly to you or within earshot of you, or what you have seen with your own eyes. Accusations of you being called things that are untrue such as being unloved, unwanted, stupid, or being likened to a member of your family most likely to be your mother or father who does evil and wicked things. Accusations of you being nothing, ungifted, untalented and so many other things come out of the bowels of hell. Fiery darts are aimed at the heart to emotionally kill us. But a properly fitting breastplate will cover our entire torso keeping our internal organs safe from harm. Our Shield of Faith when worn is a constant reminder to us that we are born of GOD and that we are overcomers of this world. We are reminded that the victory that has overcome this evil and the wickedness of this world is our faith.

  • Take your Helmet of Salvation.

This helmet is our hope of salvation. It keeps us sober and helps us to renew our minds. Today this is a huge deal because so many people are intoxicated through spiritous alcohol and drugs not knowing and are blinded and deaf to the truth as to what they are hooked to. On every liquor store are the words spirits but many do not know what spirits they are purchasing. Demonic spirits are being sold to use and they are providing a very slow death, killing the brain cells and destroying the organs. These demonic spirits also influence our character and our integrity. Drugs that are so-called recreational are doing the very same thing that alcohol does to us. Today, the government is calling intoxication an epidemic yet, they have not produced a law to shut down the legality of selling, purchasing, or the use of these intoxicants. Probably, because they are users as well. Instead under pressure, they have legalized the tools that people are using for awfully slow suicide.

  • Pick Up your Sword of the Spirit.

Our sword comes in the form of our Holy Scriptures also called The Word of GOD and The Holy Bible. However, we cannot become dangerous in the camps of our enemies if we have no faith and do not know who our GOD Is, who CHRIST JESUS Is, who we are in GOD through CHRIST JESUS, and what we possess. Once we operate in our faith because we know who our FATHER Is and we know who JESUS CHRIST Is and the promises given to us. Only then will we be able to use the Word as JESUS did when HE was tempted by satan? The Word of GOD will come forward from our mouth as a double edge sword by which we will be able to slay our enemies by the words of our mouth. But those words must come from heaven, not from hell or this world which once was our native language. Because we have already witnessed in our lifetime that those words from hell and this world will harm people emotionally and mentally because we once suffered from those words. But what we want to do is to kill as many of those demons as possible and this is only accomplished by the Word of GOD. Which is Living and Active, it is sharper than any double edge sword, it pierces even dividing soul and spirit, joints, and marrow. The Living Word of GOD judges the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

This ladies and gentlemen is the whole armor of GOD. We now know what each piece of the garment is used for and that we are to put the garment on and never take it off.

*Note: Every garment that I have included in this blog is bulletproof and or knife-proof.


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